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PROS: Very simple and intuitive. Can be used with someone with no prior experience in photography software.

CONS: None.

Mac users simply love to edit their photos, and create collages and posters. This is why simple photo editors are always amongst top selling applications in the Mac App Store. These applications are usually very small in size, and they usually bring one specific feature which sets them apart. Some of them are used to create picture-like borders around your images, some are there only to create only one specific effect, while others simply apply ready-made effects. This basically means that you can use some semi- or fully professional applications (like Photoshop) to get all of those effects, but Photoshop is expensive and hard to learn by an average home user. This is why these small photo editors are so popular, since they offer one specific feature that you want, they are easy to use and they are either free or they costs only a few dollars.

One of these applications is Color Splash Pro. This application comes from a company called Softease, which makes simple photo editors (PhotoMagic, Collage Maker, iGreetingCard…). In case you like this review, and decide to try this application for yourself, you can find it in the Mac App Store for free, for a limited time.

As we said earlier, these simple photo editors usually come with one photo editing feature. This said, Color Splash Pro is able to automatically convert your photo into black and white image, so you can select parts of it which need to be colored. This way you get a black and white photo, with colored parts only, which can make a really interesting photo effect.

Interface of Color Splash Pro is fairly simple and intuitive, and clearly made for an average home user. You get a set of self-explanatory icons, and all you need is to select areas of your photo which will turn back their original color. Interface is divided into three areas, where you get a bottom positioned toolbar, right positioned sidebar with color splashing tools, and the main working area. Toolbar gives ability to undo and redo actions, zoom in and out, compare original with black and white photo, and some additional tools. It also provides save button, so you can save your image in JPG, PNG, and TIFF formats.

Color splashing features are located within right-positioned sidebar. This is where you can turn your photo into black and white image, and you can also fine-tune grey tones opacity. Then, simply select rectangle, or ellipse tool (which could be also fine-tuned) and drag across an image. This will make those parts bring their color again. You can also do this the opposite way, where you can brush those parts which need to be greyscale. In case you really want to color some fine details, you will need to zoom in and gently brush those details, so you will need to have a lot of patience.
As a bottom line, we recommend Color Splash Pro for those who need this particular image effect. It does a good job, and it’s completely free.


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