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PROS: Beautiful design. Very light and easy to handle. Excellent performance. Incredible connectivity.

CONS: None.

As Steve Jobs said a few years ago, we are currently living in a Post-PC era, where we are slowly turning to your smartphones and even more important – to our tablets, to get the work done. I am also one of the iPad owners, who turns to computer in those rare cases where I actually accumulate work that I need to get done on some kind of professional-grade software. I personally think that this is a major success for tablets, iPads and Androids, which are here for only a few years. This only makes me happy to think and wait on next generations, down the road.

Even since iPad sales gained traction, where this momentum is still very strong, many companies and individual developers were working hard to bring us professional solutions to replace PC with iPad in some day-to-day activity. One of the latest trends, as you’ve probably noticed, is the popularity of portable scanners. These are small scanners which you can carry around with you and scan documents on to go. They are very small and portable, feature long battery lives, and most importantly – they can save PDF’s directly to iPads. Plus, they’ve become really affordable.

In this article we are bringing you a review of a very interesting portable scanner, called Doxie Go. Doxie is actually a company, which achieved big success with their small collection of portable scanners. Doxie Go is a second generation, which brings some major improvements, while maintaining a price of $200.

Mobile scanners are actually just a feeders which pull in a piece a paper and scan it in a few seconds. Doxie Go also does this job, but what’s interesting about this product is that is features 512MB of built-in memory where it saves scanned documents. This is something innovative, which makes this scanner truly portable. Also, 512MB is quite a lot of data for scanned documents, so you don’t have to run to plug in USB to your computer. This little scanner also features USB port and SD card slot, so you can save your scans directly to an external storage.

After you’ve scanned documents, there are quite a few ways to transfer them to your Mac. You can directly plug in Doxie’s USB cable, you can transfer documents via USB or SD card, and you can directly transfer documents to your iPad via camera connection kit. You can also purchase Doxie Go with Wi-Fi connection enabled, so you directly scan data to your iPad. As you can see, it is actually amazing how powerful this small scanner is.

Also, you can count on Doxie to produce high quality scans, since it creates copies at 600dpi. It also automatically adjusts contrast, rotation and cropping which is perfect if your plan on using it with iPad.

As a bottom line, if you’re in search for a truly portable and powerful scanner, Doxie Go is currently the best choice. With a price of $200, it is affordable and very competitive against other scanners in this price range.


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