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PROS: New and innovative. Works well. Nice and simple interface.

CONS: Overpriced. Locks your Mac only if you’ve walked out of Bluetooth’s 40 feet range.

By now, you must have read a number of articles on why it is important to know all about the privacy on your computer, especially if you’re doing a lot of online payments. Regardless if you’re using Mac OS X, Windows or any other operating system, there are a least a few ways for someone who is skilled in this type of thing, to get to your personal information. On the other hand, there’s another type of privacy and it could be said that this is a physical endangerment of your sensitive data in case your computer gets stolen. We are not talking here about financial data and other high-sensitive information which should be locked up, since this can be applied to almost every one of us. We all have rich digital libraries filled with precious pictures, paid music, movies and TV shows as well as some personal documents which could be easily seen by anyone who turns on a computer and browse through, on their own. This is why there’s a new application, which could improve the security of your Mac, in some cases.

The application we’re talking about is called Keycard, and could be purchased through Mac App Store for $6.99, which is introductory price. It will regularly cost $8.99.
Keycard is a very small application, in terms of its size, interface and its role. This is one of those applications which sit in your menu bar, so when you click on its icon it will show a float-looking window. This application is used to pair with your Bluetooth-enabled device, so it can lock up your Mac OS when you walk away with a paired device in your pocket. This could be really helpful in case you leave your computer turned on, and if you frequently need to walk away from it for some reason (for example, in your office). So, it will lock your Mac when you walk away, and it will automatically log you in once you return.

In order to use Keycard, you will need to pair with your mobile phone and this could be an iPhone, or any other Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. Process of pairing is very simple and takes only a minute to be completed. You can also set-up a 4 digit code, which you’ll need to enter once you return to your computer, which is helpful in case you lose your phone in meantime.

In general, this application is very simple but it offers something innovative and very interesting. Also, it works well in practice, even though there are a number of users who are not really happy with it. It seems that a combination of iPhone 5 and the newest generation of Macs produce some problems, so beware. Also, you should know that Keycard will lock your Mac once you completely get out of Bluetooth’s range, which is approximately 40 feet (12 meters). For me, personally, this was a problem and I’d like to see that Keycard could be set up to lock my Mac after 10, 20, or 30 feet.

As a final note, Keycard brings something new to the software market, so it should be looked at as an innovative product. I feel it is a bit overpriced, since this is fairly simple application and offers only one feature. It is still at 1.0 version, so it will be interesting to keep an eye on its further development.


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