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PROS: Very simple, but nicely designed application. Brings some interesting fine-tuning. Perfect for anyone who likes graphics design.

CONS: Lack of Retina display support.

For me, personally, one of the strongest selling points of Apple products is their design. I’ve been using various Apple computers, iPhone, and iPad for a very long time now and I think that I’ve got accustomed to beautiful shapes, thoughtful design and exceptional craftsmanship.

Even though I do follow Windows and PC market as well, I’ve never had a chance to fully explore and pick a certain product that would captivate my eye. Recently, my friend wanted me to help him choose Windows-powered notebook, so I’ve spent some time searching for the right one. Even though you can find very powerful PCs at affordable price, I’ve noticed that these manufacturers simply didn’t think about design that much. Yes, there are a few design-oriented notebooks, but they far from successful synergy of hardware and software. To cut this story short, we finally picked one of the very powerful notebooks from a well-known manufacturer. Specification was great, and I was pleased with its design. After a while, my friend called me and said that he was pleased in general, but there was a big problem since this notebook pushed hot air on the left side of its casing which is huge design flaw which presents problem for left-handed individuals. After this, I felt even more satisfied with my MacBook.

In this article we are bringing you a very simple application, which works very well Mac OS X’s aesthetics. If you’re a long term Mac user, than you surely appreciate its elegant aesthetics which is noticeable in hardware and software as well. And, just like me, you like to keep your desktop neatly organized and looking flawless. This is why you should try an application called Kuvva, which is probably the easiest way to get some of the best looking wallpapers.

Kuvva is currently quite popular with Mac App Store users, mostly because most users like those preloaded wallpapers which come with Mac OS X, but there are not much of them. This is why Kuvva connects you with some of the most popular photographers, graphic designers and illustrators, and presents their work right on your desktop.

Kuvva sits in a menu bar in a top part of your window, and offers only a few options. It is made to bring you a new wallpapers on a daily basis, so you can actually choose another if you don’t like the current one. Kuvva’s preferences allow you to choose trending wallpapers or the ones which are featured by Kuvva’s creators. You can also pick if you’d like to change your desktop image on a daily basis, or any other shorter or longer period of time. Finally, newest version brings you the option to control wallpaper behavior from the menu bar (which is a default setting), or from your dock. That’s basically all there is to this application.

Even though Kuvva might seem like a very simple application, it actually does its job very well. Most importantly, it brings astonishing images that would be hard to find online. The only remark is that you won’t be able to use it on a new Retina display, but it is expected to support it very soon.


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