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PROS: Beautiful design. Supreme audio quality. Long battery life.

CONS: It weighs a bit over four pounds, but this shouldn’t be a problem for majority of users.

Logitech is a company well known for their range of 3rd party accessories for Windows and Macs. Once you hear their name, you probably think of strangely designed keyboards, even though that time is way beyond us. Still, throughout the years, Logitech remained one of the strongest companies in its sector by constantly evolving and providing innovative and interesting products.

One of the latest ventures of Logitech is a try to introduce a wireless speaker with supreme quality, which could pair up much more expensive and notable brands like Bang & Olufsen. Even though Logitech was in the business of designing classic speakers for a long time, these products were never that much special and their acoustic performance was not something you would remember them by. This all changed with the introduction of “UE” brand, were Logitech is trying really hard to connect it with beautifully looking products which also feature supreme audio quality. UE brand is currently spread over Logitech’s headphones, earphones, wireless speakers and smart radios.

One of the latest and probably the most interesting UE-related products is a wireless speaker named Boombox. Since the market for wireless speakers is currently quite profitable, it is not surprising that Logitech took this step. Boombox is their best product yet, which successfully combined performance with aesthetics.

The Boombox is a very nicely designed product. It features elegant lines, nice materials, rounded corners and very light curvature. It is not really an Apple-class aesthetics, but it a very successful design. It is rectangular in shape, and feature a large grip on its top so you easily move it around. This speaker is made to be portable, after all. One downside is that this product is much heavier than the rest from this category, since it weights a bit over four pounds (which is a bit over two kilograms). This is not really a big deal, since you can still easily move it around, but it might be a problem for those who like to take these speakers on their travels, or pack it in a bag.

Even though Boombox’s design is really beautiful, this is not the best thing it offers. Logitech’s engineers took a lot of effort to improve its performance, which is something you’ll notice from the first time you play a song. This is probably the best sound quality we heard, from any wireless speaker, which was very surprising. As it is stated, there are eight speakers inside it: two woofers which produce deep bass, two tweeters which nicely play high notes, and four passive radiators which all produce supreme audio quality. It is also able to play very loud sounds, without noticing any significant distortion.

Boombox features strong Bluetooth connection, which was proven to be very strong even from large distances. It also supports up to three devices which could simultaneously control the playing tracks. Finally, Logitech states that Boombox offers 6-hours of battery life, which depends on if you like to play your music loudly, which could shorten it this time a bit.


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