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PROS: Brings Facebook to your desktop. Updates information in real time, and notifies on any new activity. Offers all of the Facebook’s native features.

CONS: Annoying ads, which could be removed by paying $1 to developers.

You probably know all about Facebook already, and the chances are that you’ve got your own profile and that you use this social network on a daily basis. Even though if you don’t like this type of online communication tool, in many cases you simply have to use Facebook to keep in touch with the latest information in your work team, and simply to be in touch with people important to you.

Also, there are those who spend all their free time setting up even the smallest profile details, posting and organizing pictures and chatting with family and friends. Actually, some of the recently published studies shown that there are more and more Facebook users who are spending significant amount of time online, active or non-active, instead of logging in several times a day to check for messages.

As you probably know, the only way to stay online with Facebook is to keep your web browser open, which surely can be inconvenient in many situations. This is why there are applications which download Facebook information and present them to you through a desktop application. One of these applications is MenuTab, which could be downloaded for free through the Mac App Store.

MenuTab is not a classic desktop application, since you can use it right from the Mac OS X’s status bar. After you install it, you will find a small icon which represents MenuTab, right next to your clock and other items you might have in a status bar (which is also frequently called – a menu bar). Simply click on this icon, and you’ll see a familiar interface, especially if you’ve used Facebook iOS app.

This application is used to keep you online at all times, and to notify you of any activity on your profile. And the best thing is that you can do all this right within floating MenuTab’s window. Interface is pretty much identical to Facebook iOS app, so there’s no explanation needed. You will also get that grey menu which pops up from the left side of window, where you can see all of the features like messages, main news feed, events, photo albums, friends lists and such. You can also freely resize this floating window, so in case you’ve got a lot of information incoming, it will be clearly visible.

Even though it might seem like another small free application which sits in your status bar, MenuTab is actually quite helpful and delivers almost every feature you can find on Facebook’s official website. Plus, it informs you on any new activity with a sound and visually, by blinking an icon.

Even though this application is free, it is something we can call a freeware. This means that you can use it, and all of its features, without paying anything. However, in case you want to remove annoying ads which appear on the bottom of MenuTab’s window, you will need to pay $1. Also, you can pay for several other features like popup notifications, desktop mode with chat and several others. In case you’d like to unlock all features, it will cost you $3, which is still a pretty good deal.


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