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PROS: Beautiful design and quality manufacturing. Easy to use. Offers two full charges for iPhone 5.

CONS: Suitable for iPhone, but not so much for iPad.

We have all been in situations where the iPhone drains out in the middle of some important business, without any possibility of giving it a fast charge. People who use notebooks, tablets and smartphones for work, know how important it is to have an additional external battery, which will double your devices’ battery life. There are also external power storages, which are designed to charge your device on demand, but there are quite a few problems with those. They are usually large and heavy, they come with bunch of cables and nice design was not one of the essential things when those products were created. This all changed thanks to Mophie’s new product.

Mophie is a company best known for iPhone and iPad accessories, as well as external power solutions for portable Apple devices. Their newest product is called Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation and it’s made to recharge your iPhone and iPad, on demand.

This is a beautifully designed product, where it seems like designers had iPhone on their mind while making sketches and final drafts. This battery resembles original iPhone 4 design, since it is rectangular in shape, its edges are layered with a fine metal strap, while back and front sides are made of glossy plastics. It just feels very nice in hand, and it is small enough to be carried around without any problems. Front side also features Mophie’s logo as well as four LED lights which indicate how much power there’s left.

You will receive USB cable which is used to charge this battery, and you can use iPhone’s 30-pin cable and even new Lightning cable. This makes it suitable for every iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch device.

Just as you would imagine, all you have to do is to connect your iDevice with this battery via original cable, and the charging will begin. It is also important to highlight that Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation features a battery designed for high output, and that is something you’ll notice immediately. It is actually amazing how little time it needs to fully charge iPhone 5. It also features enough power storage to charge iPhone 5 battery not once, but two full times. Since the newest generation features high capacitive battery, this means that older generation can benefit from this device even more.

Even though Mophie says that this battery can be used to fuel up your iPad as well, this is not the case. Newest iPad features 11,000mAh battery, while Powerstation offers only 4,000mAh. This means that you can use it in case you need some power, and can be used in this kind of situations. Older iPads will benefit a bit more, but this is not an adequate external storage solution for a tablet.

All in all, Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation probably the best external power storage solution for iPhones available. It costs only $79, features high capacity battery and charges your iDevice lightning fast.


  1. I just ordered one of these the other day and i was impressed with the size. A definite solid device. I used it on a hiking trip i recently and it was a life saver my phone died after a few hours of gps use but simply plugged in the mophie and i was good but i felt that battery drained pretty quick faster than i expected. My friend had a phonesuit power core micro and his outlasted my mophie. i though it was a fluke so i went home and tried it again with my phone completely off and i was barely able to get 1.5 charger out of it. It was extremely disappointing that it couldn’t live up to it’s claim.


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