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PROS: Nice design. Very silent and eco-friendly (uses 33% less power than normal 3.5 inch drives). Respectable performance.

CONS: Inexperienced users might find a bit confusing how to use WD’s Drive Manager. Lack of Ethernet feature.

Since Macs are so popular with creative industry professionals like video editors, graphics designers, and 3D animators it is natural to see a big choice of 3rd party RAID storage systems. These are made for heavy load data transfers, which makes possible all those big video, audio, or 3D animation projects.

For those who are still not familiar with RAID systems, here’s a few words. RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks where you get a system of two and more hard drives connected, so they actually behave like one fast and large drive. They are also used to automatically duplicate (or to say professionally – to mirror) data, which creates real-time backup so your files can never be lost. There are several uses of RAID systems, but in this article we’ll talk about two of them, which are system specifications called RAID 0 and RAID 1. The first one is high-performance mode, when you use all available storage to create high performance. RAID 1 is data protection mode, when you set your system to automatically divides storage in two halves. One half is used to store data, while the other half automatically copies data so you’re always safe from a sudden data loss.

In this review we are bringing you Western Digital’s My Book Studio II, made for Mac OS X systems. This is a RAID system, which comes in 2TB (roughly $250), 4TB ($450) up to 6TB (around $550) of available storage.

Once you open large box with your My Book Studio II in it, you will also receive all of the needed cables and instruction manuals, so you won’t have any more investments. This might seem like unnecessary thing to say, but many RAID system don’t come fully equipped with all of the needed cables and adapters. You’ll get a mini USB cable, with FireWire 400 and FireWire 800 adapters.

My Book Studio II has a nice and simple design which nicely complements Mac-specific lines, shapes, colors and materials. What’s more important is that it has some eco-friendly features and is unusually quiet, even under heavy data loads.

This product is made to be used with Mac OS X, so it comes pre-formatted as HFS+ RAID 0 system, which means that you’ll have all of the available storage for yourself. You can also use it with Windows OS, simply by reformatting it to FAT32 or NTFS which depends on which version of Windows you’ve got.

You can also make My Book Studio II RAID 1 system, which we briefly explained earlier. You will have to use Drive Manager, made by Western Digital, which comes on a CD. Turning this system into RAID 1 system takes just a few minutes. This also means that you get only half of initial storage, which will be showed on your desktop.

If you’re looking for a RAID storage which comes ready to be used, this is a product for you. Some people like to create their own custom RAID system, but My Book Studio II comes as a high quality product with impressive speeds. Still, this is not a product for professional video editors, but is made for a home user who would greatly benefit from a RAID system.


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