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PROS: Nicely designed. Fast and reliable transfer of data. Comes preloaded with some helpful tools and applications.

CONS: None.

Western Digital is a well-known company, which is perhaps best known for their external storage solutions. They’ve been on a market for quite some time and their products mainly achieved good success.

Western Digital is also known for their set of external storage solutions, specially made for Mac. These drives are not simply formatted to be used with Mac OS X, since all of them feature Mac-friendly design which is actually quite important, since Apple fans love fine lines, curvatures and attention to fine details in industrial design. It is true that, aside from their performance, Macs feature probably the best example of a successful industrial design in a last decade, so it’s natural that it is important for 3rd party accessories to follow the same logic.

WD’s My Passport Edge is the newest external storage solution, made to be used with Mac systems. This particular product probably works best with MacBook Air line of notebooks. This is simply because these computers are the bestselling Apple’s products, which feature amazing specifications and incredibly thin design. Unfortunately, this also made their internal storages small, in terms of today’s digital age. 11-inch models of MacBook Air feature 64GB and 128GBs of flash storage, while 13-inch models offer 128GB and 256GB. So, this means that most MacBook Air users would greatly benefit from an external drive.

My Passport Edge is a nicely designed product. It is actually a small metal box, where its internal components are surrounded by anodized aluminum enclosure. It somewhat resembles Mac Mini, in terms of its shape and materials used. It’s clear that it is quality made, and that it’s quite durable and resistant to damages.

This drive comes with 500GB of storage space, and it connects to your MacBook via USB 2.0 or 3.0 cable. In case you use USB 3.0, you can expect some impressive speeds, up to 105MBps. This means that these speeds are just enough for an average home user, and they will do the job quickly and reliably. Surely there are some faster drives, but in this case, it is simply unnecessary.

What’s interesting about My Passport Edge is that is comes with some very nice additional software, which lets you explore its many features. This is not something you will see frequently, since most external drives are completely empty and ready to be filled with data. Western Digital offers applications used as diagnostic and formatting tools, as well as a sleep timer app. You will get to use WD Security app, which lets you lock this drive by using hardware encryption, which is a very nice addition. Finally, this is also important to say that My Passport Edge comes pre-formatted and ready to be used with Mac right out of the box, and it is also compatible with Apple’s Time Machine.

In case you are looking for a reliable and nicely designed external storage solution, My Passport Edge is the right choice. It costs just around $100, and it offers great value for this price.


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