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PROS: Original idea. Nicely designed product. Very simple initial set up. Offers very accurate and precise readings.

CONS: Cannot be used without your iOS device, since it doesn’t have any screens or other controls on it. CO2 and ambient noise readings are very nice, but it also should collect some basic information like wind speed or rainfall. A bit pricey.

Popularity of iOS devices hasn’t gone unnoticed by developers who are trying to give us innovative and authentic ideas. Even though it might seem like the market if flooded by cases for iPads and iPhones, there are actually some very interesting accessories that could capture your attention. iOS devices are slowly becoming more and more utilized in various environments, home and offices, so we are just beginning to see all of the possible uses for these devices.

In this article we are bringing you a review of a very interesting accessory, perhaps unique in many ways. It is actually a weather station, controlled by your iOS device, made by a company called Netatmo.

This weather station consists of two separate modules, and a free iOS app used to retrieve all of the information. One of these modules is made to be used indoors, and the other one is for outdoor environment. The indoor module needs to be plugged into your wall socket in order to work, while the other one uses four AAA batteries. These modules look the same, and they are actually nicely designed aluminum and plastic cylinders. The only difference between them is in their height, where the indoor module is 6 inches tall (approximately 15 centimeters), while the outdoor module is 4 inches tall (approximately 10 centimeters).

Initial set up of Netatmo Weather Station is fairly simple. You will need to connect your indoor module with your iOS device using a USB cable, which should pair this module with your Wi-Fi network. This is basically all there is, since the outdoor module is pre-paired with the indoor one, so the rest will take care on its own. Of course, you will need to power them on, and make sure that the outdoor module stays within the range of your Wi-Fi network coverage.

Now, all you need is a free iOS application made by Netatmo, which will retrieve readings and other information. This application is simply beautiful and presents information in a visually pleasing manner. It can show you current and past temperatures, humidity, and indoor module also collects CO2 and ambient noise information. Outdoor module shows barometric pressure, which is automatically taking the exact altitude in equation, which provides precise readings. All of the information is being saved, so you can see various graphs. It also shows your weather forecast, retrieved from the web.

You should know that this weather station needs a few days in order to start giving true and later on, very precise readings. This is something you need to remember if you plan on buying it, so you don’t get disappointed. Later on, it will show you very precise and accurate readings.

Netatmo Weather Station costs $179, so it is a bit pricey. It certainly has a lot of space for improvement, so it will be interesting to see what the future brings.


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