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PROS: Small but very interesting music player. A good replacement for iTunes, if you only want to focus on your music.

CONS: Some small annoyances which could be easily solved in a next small update.

I’ve always believed that you can succeed in Apple’s Mac App Store if you do a heavy research even before thinking of creating an application, and only if you find a perfect niche for your application. Besides that, it needs to have clean, innovative and beautiful interface, and it needs to offer some eye-catching feature, which does not to be high-end at all. This can be a rule for small developer companies, who can only afford a limited budget and even more limited time frame in order to turn some profit.

Now, having all that in mind, we are today bringing you a small music player, named Pinna, which was recently released in its second version. It is unbelievably hard to make a successful music player for Mac OS, where we all use Apple’s iTunes. It’s been long since this application become industry standard for audio reproduction, and it’s today simply essential in case you’ve got an iOS device or if you plan on buying digital music. On the other hand, since iTunes has become so powerful, feature rich and simply too large to handle for some, Roundabot created Pinna – a small and lightweight music player which takes advantage of iTunes by accessing its library.

As you can see from the screenshots, Pinna only takes a portion of your screen in its biggest form and it slight resembles music player you can find on your iPhone. Differently from iTunes, it is made simply to reproduce music and lets you enjoy in it without complex interface or too much unneeded controls. Pinna comes in different shapes and sizes, and you can make it very small (where it only shows an artwork of a song that’s currently playing). In its biggest form, which is still very nice and small, it shows main window from where you can browse songs, and additional sliding window where you can see current queue (or an artwork instead) with volume controls.

As we said earlier, Pinna uses iTunes library. You can browse your music just like you would on iPhone, where you can sort the songs according to name, artist, playlists, and more. Then, add song to a queue, minimize the window to its smallest form and enjoy the music. That’s all what Pinna is about.

To make it a bit more interesting, Pinna also offers some features you won’t find in Tunes. For example, you can use music discovery feature which will lists currently trending music which you can stream for free. You can share your streaming playlists with your friends via social networks. There’s also integration, which feels very nice and natural, so in case you use this service you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Some other small but interesting features, is that Pinna stops playing music if you unplug headphones from a computer. It’s also very keyboard friendly, so if you take some time to learn a few of a controls, it will really pay off.


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