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PROS: Very smart idea. Small and powerful. Unlimited options to add specific actions and make it uniquely yours.

CONS: Some will say that $5 is overpriced, but I believe that this idea is well worth it.

In case you use iOS on a daily basis, than you surely use its context menu quite frequently. We’re talking here about that little menu which pops up once you select a piece of text and gives you options to cut it, copy, and paste, as well as other application-specific items. This is actually the only way to copy a piece of text in iOS, but I really like the way it works and the way it is designed. Still, I’ve never imagined how this same context menu can work on Mac OS, until I found an application which made this possible.

PopClip is a tiny application, made by Pilotmotion Software, available on Mac App Store. It weighs only 1.4MB, but it costs $4.99, which intrigued me a lot. I saw that there are numerous high rated comments and during a couple of days I’ve noticed that this small application become one of the highest ranked newcomers on Mac App Store. This is why I decided to take a look at it, and I was amazed.

PopClip brings iOS context menu which appears once you select text with your mouse in any application. This will bring up specific set of buttons, which provide specific actions like cut, copy and paste. Basically, it works the same way as in iOS, but also provides some other innovative features.

PopClip doesn’t only cut, copy and paste text, and this depends on which application you’re using. For example, different set of actions will appear once you select URL, e-mail address or a file path. It also utilizes Mac OS’s dictionary so you can easily correct misspelled word, just like on your iPad or iPhone. For me, all of these actions are very helpful, and since I spend a lot of time in word processors writing articles, I also appreciate correction of misspelled words.

However, this application is not made only for writers, since it can be completely adjusted to your needs. You can do that by visiting PopClip’s webpage where you can find more than 50 extensions which can widely open its abilities. If you spend a lot of time writing text, you can install a set of text editing actions, or in case you browse the web a lot, you can install actions to search Google, YouTube, Amazon, IMDb, and much more. It also integrates with Twitter applications, some to-do organizers, Evernote, Spotify, Skype, and others. This means that you can install specific extensions which will perfectly suit your computing habits. It is very easy to install and uninstall them, and it takes only a few seconds.

PopClip is a tiny but very powerful addition to your Mac OS X. In fact, after using it for some time, I can hardly imagine using my Mac without this little helper. It seems like it originally belongs to Mac OS X, since it integrates flawlessly and nicely work with other applications.



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