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PROS: Very simple and intuitive interface. Preloaded templates for output files, for a number of mobile devices.

CONS: Might not process all the video files in high quality, but you’ll be satisfied with the most of them.

As you surely know, today is unbelievable easy to capture high quality photos, audio files and movies. Newest generation of smartphones are very powerful in terms of what kind of media you can capture using them, where you can easily get high definition media files. On the other hand, there are some very popular desktop applications used by a home user who’d like to home movies, and edit pictures. Also, broadband internet made fast exchange of files possible. You can capture, edit, and send a movie right from your smartphone in a matter of minutes.

For those who like to capture and edit home movies, there is a problem in terms of converting video file from one format to another. For Mac OS X users, this can be a problem, especially in case a user captures videos from multiple devices like phones, camera, and camcorders, then tries to edit them in iMovie or save them in iTunes library. This is because iMovie does work with some of the most popular and the most frequently used video formats, but doesn’t support all of them. The same goes for iTunes, which is even more restrictive in terms of what video files it can save into its library. Then, the problem get bigger in case you’d like to transfer that video to your iOS device or Apple TV.

These are all reasons why it’s a good idea to have a video converter, which will easily convert your videos into appropriate formats. You can find a lot of these applications online, but you should be careful with those, since most untrusted and free video converters can infect your Mac with some type of malware.

In this article we’ll be telling you about Smart Converter, made by a company called ShedWorx, known for a wide range of audio and video converters. You can download it for free from the Mac App Store, and there’s also a Pro version which unlocks some advanced features.

Smart Converter is trying its best to simplify a process of converting a video file by providing you with lots of preloaded templates, which automatically set appropriate video format and resolution, which results in optimum quality. Its workflow goes like this: you simply drag and drop your video file, and then select which device you are going to use to watch that movie. You can select from Apple TV, iPad, iPhones, Android devices, PlayStation and Microsoft’s Windows or Xbox. You can also set up if you’d like the fastest possible conversion (which will reflect in quality), or if you prefer higher quality output file.

We tested Smart Converter with multiple video formats, and it generally performed well. Output quality is not the best, but not bad as either. It generally does a good job, and since it is made to be used by an average home user, it is very user friendly and simple to operate.



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