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PROS: Very interesting idea. Quality made product. Built-in stand works well.

CONS: Added thickness and weights.

If you own an iPhone, you probably want to protect it with a case. The selection of cases is incredibly large, since most iPhone users are eager to protect their mobile phones from scratches and any other kind of damages. During the years, iPhone cases became small pieces of clever design with innovative features. In order for a case to be a successful product in today’s market, it simply needs something original and innovative to offer.

Speck is one of the 3rd party manufacturers of iPhone cases, which made a lot of effort to offer ingenious products which are very interesting to look at and fun to use. This company now offers cases for almost every mobile device, as well as for some Apple notebook and tablet models.

In this article we’ll review SmartFlex View case, which is designed for iPhone 5. What this case offers is a built-in stand, which is very interesting and original idea. This case simply turns your iPhone into free-standing display, and can be used in portrait and landscape modes, which actually works very well.

First of all, this is a case, which means that it needs to protect your iPhone from being damaged. It wraps around the phone around its edges and its back side, leaving front side fully exposed. It is made of strong rubber, and feels very nice in hand. Since rubber layer is quite thick and goes all around the border by being finely extruded, it also protects screen from scratches or hitting solid surface in case you drop it. Also, you might expect that a case leaves open all buttons and ports, but this is not the case with SmartFlex View. Its rubber edge covers volume keys, sleep/wake button and speakers, which looks really nice. On places where it covers the buttons, it also imitates them on its rubber surface, which enhances iPhone’s original look. Also, speakers are not fully covered with rubber, of course, since its leaves small holes which prevents dirt from going into iPhone’s tiny speakers.

Now, a few words on how built-in stand works. In order to use it, you need to slide it out of the case and simply rotate it in 90 degrees. This is the only position, which works for portrait and landscape orientation as well. It features spring load which makes this construction very sturdy and firm. It works really well, and keeps your iPhone 5 in its place. This is perfect for watching videos and movies, as well as for FaceTime calls.

The only downside of this case is that it’s a little bit thicker than a normal one. As you can assume, this is because of the built-in stand, and I don’t see any way to avoid it. This is not really a problem, and you won’t event notice it after some time. The same goes for its weight, since it holds spring load construction within, and is made of quality rubber.


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