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PROS: Very nice design, intuitive and simplistic. Completely rewritten, and a great

performance. Powerful task management features. Free of charge. CONS: None.

You’ve probably already heard about one of the bestselling to-do applications for Mac OS X, named Wunderlist. It was holding one of the top positions in its category in the Mac App Store for a long time, and received mostly very positive reviews.

In case you’re following review articles here on macreview.com, you’ve also had the chance to read more about this task manager, where we gave it a rating of 5 stars. We were impressed with all of the features it had to offer at the time, and especially with its thoughtful design. The good news is that Wunderkinder, a company which made this beautiful application, recently released Wunderlist 2, by completely rewriting it. We got a chance to test it, and now we are bringing a review of some of the best features which Wunderlist 2 offers.

As we said in a previous review, Wunderlist was always praised because of its design, so the new version simply had to raise the bar. It seems that developers took their time and carefully planned every single interface element, which resulted in a beautifully looking application. It’s still very intuitive and simple to use, and now offers additional features which are nicely graphically presented so that interface doesn’t get cluttered. Even though we are reviewing Wunderlist 2 for Mac OS X, the same goes for iOS, Android, Windows, and Web versions.

Wunderlist 2 comes with an interface which could be separated into three parts. There’s a top bar which features an icon with your username, new activity center, and a search bar. The rest of the window is divided into sidebar and the main panel. Sidebar now offers an option of creating standard and smart lists, and you can list you tasks according to their due date. You can also hide this sidebar, which will transform Wunderlist 2 into smaller version, which resembles iOS edition.

Even though it is important for a task manager to be rationally designed, it is also important in achieving its main goal: creating, editing, and organizing tasks. Wunderlist 1 was fairly simple, yet very effective, but Wunderlist 2 adds many new features which make this application very powerful. You can now not only add tasks to a certain list, but you can fine-tune that particular task by setting up due date, reminders, notes and even sub-tasks. Once again, all of these features also exist in other versions of Wunderlist 2 (Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, and Web), and the best is that you can sync them using your own Wunderlist account.

Besides sharing information through a cloud storage, which makes this application much more productive since you can use it on your desktop and mobile devices, there are some additional features. Now, you can add new people and share your lists, or tasks, with them. You can invite them through an e-mail or Facebook, and once they receive your invitation, a sharing can begin. This is why there’s a new activity center, which lets you review what your friends added, edited, or deleted.

Since Wunderlist 2 is completely free, we strongly recommend you to take a look at this application in case you’re in need of an excellent task manager.


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