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PROS: Nicely designed speaker. Separate controls for bass and treble. Auxiliary input and output. Easy to set-up and use. Very good sound quality.

CONS: None really.

Big Blue Studio 1In case you own an iOS device, and you like to listen to music, radio, play games or watch TV and movies on your iOS device, a wireless speaker would a great investment. Even though that little speaker on iPhone or iPad would do the job, a wireless speaker will surely offer you a better performance and certainly better audio experience. Today you can find very wide range of wireless speakers, which come in different shapes and sizes, and of course in various price categories. Even though a large speaker made by some well-known company will amaze you senses, the most popular ones are those small portable speakers. These usually cost in range of $100-$200 and they are mobile, and some of them offer amazing audio technology.

Even though Brookstone is not a trademark you would associate with a particular type of a speaker, this company recently started selling Bluetooth speaker named Big Blue Studio, which could be purchased for $150. Even though competition is really rough in this category, it seems like Big Blue Studio could achieve success since it features interesting design and unexpectedly quality sound.

As you can see, Big Blue Studio features striking design which seems to be really important for a wireless speaker. Different manufacturers are trying to beat their competition by design, as a first strike, since you will notice a small portable speaker on a shelf because of its unusual design. Studio is quite small and portable and its dimensions are 9.5 inches wide, 5.6 inches deep, and 5 inches tall (24cm wide, 14.2cm deep, and 12.7cm tall). It weighs only 6.6 pounds (2.9kg).

Big Blue Studio 2

You will first notice that interestingly looking blue button on its front, which glows while device is in use. It used to power on/off Studio, as well as to prepare it for Bluetooh pairing, by holding it down for a few seconds. On a back side you will find two adjustable controls marked B and T which stands for bass and treble, so you can set up their levels. You will also get a standard 3.5mm auxiliary input and output jack. There’s also power input, which you can charge its battery. On the top there is a volume control, which is touch sensitive.

You can find Big Blue Studio in several colors, so it will fit everyone’s sense of aesthetics. It seems quality made, and easily portable, which is important for a wireless speaker of this size.

Big Blue Studio 3

As Brookstone states, Studio uses two front facing speaker drivers, one woofer and a passive radiator. In practice, Studio is able to reproduce very loud music with small distortion. In general, sound is really good, and actually surprisingly good if you take its price in consideration. It could easily compete against some of the currently most popular speakers in this category.


  1. Why do i have to plug in to turn on my big blue cant it work without plugging in to a power source…does it not come with a power bank in it to carry to places without a power sourse


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