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PROS: Very simple and could be really useful. Clean and visually appealing interface. Support sync through iCloud protocol. CONS: Very high price, for an application which basically offers only one function.

Bills To Pay 1Ever since the Mac App Store opened for business, small and independent developers got a chance to easily present their works, reach millions of Mac users, and distribute their applications as easy as possible. This was also a good news for end users, who are able to browse between hundreds of applications, and easily download them.

Before Mac App Store arrived, it was hard for a small developer to get the appropriate attention. Now you can read articles about small yet helpful applications, on a daily basis. What’s even more surprising is that some simple, but innovative applications achieved very big profits, and we wrote about some of them in our previous articles. In this article we are bringing you a review of an application which tries to achieve that success, called Bills To Pay.

This application is made by a company called Tunabelly Software, which offered a number of small applications through Mac App Store. All of these tend to offer some kind of feature which saves you time and which could ease up your everyday computing. The question is how effective are they?

Bills To Pay 2

Bills To Pay, as you can assume by its name, is a simple reminder of upcoming expenses. This application is actually a floating window which could be started by clicking on an icon located in menu bar. By clicking on it, it will show you a list of upcoming bills that need to paid, their amounts and due dates. You can simply change input information by clicking on a particular task, or a bill, and there’s also “Paid” button which will eliminate that task.

In case you need to add new input information, simply click on a plus icon. This will take you to a new floating dialog box, where you can add name, amount, due date, and frequency (one-time payment, or perhaps a monthly expense). That’s actually all there is. Just as we said earlier, this is only a reminder which doesn’t come with any eye-catching innovative features.

Bills To Pay 3

It’s also important to say that there’s also preferences window, which allows you set-up some specific options like when you’d like to be notified on upcoming bills, and how tasks should be organized in the main window. Also, in case you use Bills To Pay on multiple computers, you’ll be able to sync data through iCloud, which is a nice addition.

Bills To Pay costs $5.99, which I believe is highly overpriced. Sure, $6 isn’t that much, but the truth is that if you need some kind of reminder that will notify you on upcoming bills, that money could be better spent. This is a nice and simple application, but it lacks some kind of interesting and unique feature, which could justify its price. This way, I believe that is should be priced $0.99, which is a price range of simple reminders and to-do organizers.


  1. Hi, this is Matt from Tunabelly Software.

    I’d like to point out that Bills To Pay 2.2 is currently out which also provides:
    • A full payment history.
    • Add notes to bills and/or payments.
    • Custom currencies.
    • Improved synching between Macs using iCloud.

    Also, the price has been lowered to $4.99 US. I’d love to offer it at $0.99, although that’s not sustainable (Apple + taxman both take their cut of it).


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