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PROS: Precise activity tracking.

CONS: Subscription based. No Bluetooth connectivity. Awkward looking, and not comfortable to wear.

BodyMedia FIT CORE 1During the previous year, fitness industry united with iOS devices in order to create many helpful fitness activity trackers. If you follow our reviews right here on, you’ve had the chance to read all about the top three selling activity trackers, which are Nike+ FuelBand, Jawbone Up, and as well FitBit’s latest products. They all have some advantages, and well some shortcomings, and it could be said that they are made for different kinds of fitness enthusiasts. Some are perfect for hardcore fitness fans, while others are best utilized by someone who wants to lose weight and needs very accurate calorie tracking. This is why I warmly recommend doing some research before buying such fitness gadget, simply to get the best use out of it.

Today we are bringing you a review of BodyMedia FIT CORE activity tracker, which is a fairly known company with a product line of fitness gadgets. Their main product it this armband, which specializes in very accurate calorie tracking.

BodyMedia FIT CORE 3

CORE is used in such way that you need to wear it as an armband, which I believe could be problematic for many. Nike+ FuelBand, for example, is an elegant bracelet/watch which most people find very aesthetic and would be happy to wear. CORE looks like a medical gadget, and plus you wear it around the upper part of your hand, so it will be visible and very hard to easily cover with clothes. BodyMedia says that this position is chosen since it uses certain sensors which precisely measure your body’s reaction to physical activities. Most of its users are actually very happy with the information they’ve received using this device, so I guess that’s the price you need to pay. The good news is that BodyMedia plans to unveil new designs very soon, which should be much more appealing than the current one.

BodyMedia FIT CORE 2

CORE tracks different kinds of physical activities like running, or steps taken, as well as burned calories, and it also tracks your sleep duration. You can review all this information using Activity Tracker application, but the deal is that you will need to pay $6.95/month as a subscription. When you buy CORE ($119) you will get 3 moths free of Activity Tracker subscription, but after that you will need to pay monthly subscription in order to continue using it. On the other hand, Activity Tracker is the only way to see data collected by CORE, which means that you simply have to continue paying as long as you use it. This seems like not so much appealing plan, especially if you consider other popular fitness trackers which are more affordable and they are not subscription based.

In comparison to other popular fitness activity trackers, BodyMedia FIT CORE doesn’t have anything to make it more appealing in comparison to its competition. Device is awkward to wear, it syncs only through USB cable (no Bluetooth), and is subscription based. The only advantage is that it very precisely calculates burned calories, but this is not enough to justify its price.


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