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PROS: Beautiful design and quality made. Easy to set up and features strong connection. Very nice audio quality.

CONS: Bass is not noticeable.

  Braven 600 1You’ve surely noticed recent popularity of wireless speakers, which seems to be taking its momentum by fullest. Almost every popular 3rd party accessory manufacturer already offered its version of wireless speaker, by trying to make a compromise between modern design and audio technology. The truth is that most of these speakers, especially those that use Bluetooth over Apple’s AirPlay technology, are producing disappointing sound quality, but there are also some which are surprisingly interesting. In this article we’ll be talking about one very small speaker, which seems to be promising.

Braven isn’t a company quite known amongst Apple fans, but it seems to be capturing attention of IT media over the last couple of months. This company offers a line of wireless speakers, which covers all types of markets and budgets. Currently there are five models, which feature similar, yet different audio technologies and they also come in different price ranges. We will be reviewing Braven 600, which comes after the entry-level speaker named Braven 570. The other models are 625, 650, and BRV1.

Braven 600 offers modern and elegant design. Lines are very simple and beautiful, with slightly rounded corners. Its outer shell is made of aircraft-grade aluminum which make this speaker very light, yet very durable and resistant to damages. Inside, Braven 600 features two 1.5 inch (3.8 centimeters) speakers, located on its front side, while there are two subwoofers on the opposite end.
As you can see from the pictures, Braven 600 is rectangular and cubic. Its outer shell is made of aluminum, and there are two other sides where you can control buttons and ports. Speaking of buttons, there’s a power button, volume up and down as well as microphone button. And speaking of ports, you will find auxiliary jack, 6w speaker output, and a micro USB port.

Braven 600 2

This is a very light speaker, which weighs only 12.6 ounces (roughly 360 grams). It dimensions are W6.25 x H2.5 x D1.75 inches (W15.8 x D6.3 x D4.3 centimeters). As you can see, you can carry it around easily, and it fits nicely in a hand.

It’s easy to set up Braven 600. All you have to do is to power it on and hold down phone-answering button for a few seconds. This will open up Bluetooth pairing, and you simply select it using your iOS device. Bluetooth 3.0 offers very stable connection, and is able to play up 30 feet distance (roughly 10 meters). In practice, you can achieve connection within 50, and even 100 feet.

Braven 600 3

Audio performance is surprisingly well, which is something you wouldn’t expect from a speaker of this size. It produced very clear sound, without that “old radio” effect which you can notice with many Bluetooth speakers. It is not able to produce any noticeable bass, which is normal for its size. After all, this would affect its audio quality. Sound is very clear, full and can be very loud as well.
In its price range ($150) Braven 600 is highly competitive product. It looks really nice, features good connectivity and offers good sound quality, which is actually all you can ask from a speaker this size.


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