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PROS: Interesting design. USB connectivity which automatically enables additional settings. Clear sound. Very noticeable bass. CONS: No headphone jack, and no additional inputs.

Cubik 2Palo Alto Audio Design is a company that created interesting set of speakers, which mostly received good critics from a media. Their approach to their new product was through an unusual design, which clearly set it apart from a sea of similar products. On the other hand, PAAD also made sure to include some quality audio technology and some other interesting features.

These speakers, named Cubik, strike with an unusual design. Just like their name says, they are cubic in shape, but not the way you would expect. These two speakers are attached to metal stands and rotated up an upward angle, in order to create stronger and clearer sound. Palo Alto Audio Design says it employs audio engineers with over 35 years of experience, so this angle surely isn’t only aesthetical in nature. Once you place them on your desk, they actually look somewhat exotic and unusual, where most people will notice them and make some kind of comment. Since there’s huge offering of wired and wireless speakers, which come in different shapes, sizes, and price ranges, Cubik is trying to be eye-catching right from the start, which succeeds.

Cubik scr1

Design is an important aspect of a speaker, but it’s also important what kind of audio performance it offers. In order to use it, you’ll need to connect it to your Mac using USB port. This will make “PAAD Cubik” icon to appear in Sound preferences as an output device, completely on its own. This means that it contains its own drivers, and you won’t need to download them or install any additional applications. I actually like this very much, since I had some problems and frustrations with malfunctioning drivers even from some high-end speakers.

As we said earlier, Cubik connects to Mac via USB cable. There will be also two more cables stretching across your desk. First one connects second speaker to the first (which controls), and there’s also AC power adapter, used to power up these speakers. You will find four controls on one of them, and they are used to set volume up or down, to mute sound, and the last one is used to activate a bass mode. Volume and mute buttons correspond with Mac OS X, so they change volume or mute sounds system wide. Bass mode pumps up deeper lows, and works really well. Like you would normally expect, if you increase bass, it will somewhat reflect on a clarity of sound and high frequencies, but with Cubik that’s not so much noticeable.

Sound quality is really high, and I was pleased with it. It is clear that PAAD took some time and created a quality product, which is able to play really loud sounds with almost non-noticeable distortion.

In overall, these are quality made and nicely designed speakers. They cost $199.95, but they offer high quality sound and very deep bass on demand.


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