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PROS: Very easy to use. Makes cataloguing fast and effortless. Downloads needed information from the web.

CONS: A bit annoying skeuomorphic design. Limited capability. Overpriced.

Delicious Library 2 2We recently reviewed one of the best-selling Mac OS X applications specially made for cataloguing, called Home Inventory. It basically lets you create a digital library of your possessions, which all should be taken in consideration while calculating insurance policy values, even though this also has some other uses.

Today we are bringing you a review of another interesting cataloguing application, which is slightly different from Home Inventory. It is called Delicious Library 2, and is used to catalogue all kinds of stuff that you may have in your collection. It actually lets you add DVDs, CDs, books, gadgets, tools, and even clothes and jewellery.

Cataloguing is a task which could really help individuals who like collecting things, and who already got some kind of a large collection. Most of us think that this is a time consuming task which also demands a lot of effort. This is exactly why applications like Delicious Library 2 should be used, as they are designed to make cataloguing effortless as much as possible.

Delicious Library 2 1

It’s easy to see that designers at Delicious Monster Software, that created Delicious Library, took some time to design an interface which is very user-friendly. It actually has some characteristics of old iTunes and iBooks, which are cleverly combined. You’ll get a main sidebar where you can find categories of your entries, or belongings. These can be books, movies, music, software, videogames, toys, gadgets, tools, and apparel. As you can see, this application is quite powerful in terms of what kind of things you can catalogue. When you select a certain category, you will see a list of items on a bookshelf. All your items are going to be nicely represented, and we’ll talk a bit later on how this application actually processes them. When you select a specific item within a category, you will get to see a detailed information like names, authors, artwork, synopsis, and even user reviews. All this data is automatically retrieved from the internet.

Delicious Library 2 is different than most applications of this kind in one thing. In order to add a new entry, all you have to do is to take a snapshot of a barcode, using Mac’s iSight camera. You can also enter barcode numbers manually. After that, all of the needed information will be downloaded from the web. I’ve tried this with a number of items, and I’ve always ended up with the correct information. Other users also reported that Delicious Library 2 gives very exact and precise information, only by scanning a barcode.

Delicious Library 2 3

You can also purchase Delicious Library 2 for iOS, and these two libraries will be in sync. This is a nice addition, which make this application even more useful.

Delicious Library 2 also has some shortcomings. It is made for an average home user, so in case you need some advanced features, you won’t find them here. Export options are very limited, which make this application not suitable for exchange of data with other similar software. With all that in mind, I would recommend it someone if it didn’t cost $34.99, which I believe is way too overpriced.


  1. “It actually has some characteristics of old iTunes and iBooks”

    This kind of comment only just that macreview has no clues about what you talk about.

    Apple *hired* the designers from delicious library for working on iBooks. The first wood shelf has been invented by delicious monsters…

    Delicious Library has been released for ages, so saying it’s a combination of iTunes en iBooks which was not even released when Delicious Library 1 was is just pointless.


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