Disk Doctor 1Even while back, when Mac App Store wasn’t created yet and we had to download applications right from the Apple.com download section, there was always a huge choice of system utilities. These kind of applications are used to perform some kind of operation which maintains you system, optimizes its performance, fixes possible errors, or give you option to fine-tune hidden preferences. Every one of us can find a system utility application which becomes important part of Mac OS X.

In a world of these applications there were always those who took care of your hard drive. Actually, a right application can do a lot to optimize performance of a hard drive, for example by checking it for errors and keeping junk files piling up. Like always, there’s wide range of free and paid system utilities, which both can be equally useful.

In this article we are going to talk about a very small, yet useful application simply called Disk Doctor. What this application does is cleans your hard drive from junk files, and it is doing that quite effectively. I’ve had a problem with its name, since you’d expect from an application named Disk Doctor to fix and “heal” you hard drive, rather than just cleaning junk files. Currently, it could be purchased at a reduced price of $1.99.

Disk Doctor 2

Once you open Disk Doctor, you’ll see a small and pretty simple window. It will tell you how large your computer’s hard drive is, as well as how much used and free space you’ve got left. There aren’t any check boxes or additional set-ups, and all you need to do is to click on “scan” button. This is the first of three steps. Second step is a report of found junk files. Disk Doctor scans six areas, which are application caches, logs, language files, trash can, downloads, and finally Mail downloads. It is nice to see that each area comes with small explanation of which kind of junk files can be found there. You can choose what you’d like to erase, and finally click on “Clean my Disk” button.

Process of erasing is very fast, and after it’s been finished you’ll see a notification of how much space is being freed. This is basically all there is to Disk Doctor, since there are no additional features, or even preference pane which will allow you to set up some specific options.

Disk Doctor 3

Basically, this application does a good job of searching and erasing junk files. This area of application market is very competitive, and you can find some amazing applications for only a couple of dollars. Disk Doctor has some serious shortcomings. It only scans Mail (Apple’s mail applications) for attachments, which neglects numerous other desktop e-mail clients. It also erases files using a basic procedure, while others can use “secure erase” which is a multi-pass erase procedure which permanently removes a file.

As a bottom line, Disk Doctor is a basic disk cleaner app, without any bit more advanced features. This would be perfectly fine for a free application, which Disk Doctor isn’t.


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