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PROS: Beautiful interface. Very nice idea, to start with. Free of charge.

CONS: Nice idea, but development seems unfinished. Performance issues.

Doo 1Most of us have already signed-up at one of the cloud storage companies, or perhaps you don’t even know that you already got some cloud storage available (in case you use Gmail for example, you already have a Google Drive account). You probably know all about this technology and how it enhanced our everyday workflow. As the time passes, top three services are in the battle for getting the most users, and the chances are that you are already using Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft’s SkyDrive. There’s also Apple’s iCloud, which should not be compared to others since it delivers enhanced cloud technology.

I’ve used Dropbox from the day it was released, and I was always happy with it. I use several computers at different places, and this is lifesaving solution. I always have all my documents in the cloud, properly synced and organized into folders, so I can access them easily via computer or my iPhone. But, I also use Google Drive since some of my employers tend to use solely this service, so I juggle between different folders on my desktop. And I assume that a lot of people are in the same situation, especially if you use Windows 8 and Office365, so you probably have SkyDrive account as well.

Doo 2

I’ve been waiting all this time for an application which could unify all these cloud storages, so I can browse all my files from one place. And this is where Doo comes to an action.

Doo connects most popular cloud services, as well as your local documents folder, and stores all these files on its own server. It automatically syncs all these services, and keeps all your files synced at any given moment. What more, you can select which folder within your cloud storage you’d like to sync.

Doo is a nicely designed application, and features attractively looking interface. Still, you will need some time to learn your way around, since it isn’t very intuitive. For example, my problem was that Doo simply pulls all my files, and I have to search for the right one over and over again, since it doesn’t show from what cloud it came from. On the other hand, there are some surprisingly interesting features. There’s a beautifully designed smart search, and timeline which allows you to easily browse your files.

Doo 3

Besides using Doo for Mac, you can also download native Windows 8 application, and mobile versions are coming soon. Once you sign-up, you will receive 1GB (or 2,000 documents) of free storage, but you can upgrade to a very affordable premium storage. Premium packages are still not available, since they are still in development, but should be available soon.

Sure, Doo has its downsides. On my computer, it crashed quite often which really annoyed me. This seems to be the problem with many users as well. I also had some problems with the initial setup, specifically with Dropbox connection.

Doo surely promises a lot, and it could be a lifesaving application, but it still feels like beta version. It would be interesting to follow the further development, since I really believe that Doo was released a bit early and that some improvements over its performance and interface will mean a lot.


  1. Hi, I work at doo and wanted to say thanks for the review. Really glad you see how doo can unify your cloud storage sources. It also connects you to local docs or a second internal drive, has a new feature that indicates file path with a mouseover and a brand new Android beta (iOS is coming soon). Sorry you had some issues with performance. Were you running 1.0.5 or 1.0.7? Both have been working great according to the feedback we’re getting, and the latter is optimized for higher performance. Give it a go with a later version, and if you have any questions on functionality check out these tutorial videos:

    Thanks again!


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