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PROS: Easy to set up. Affordable price. Quality made. Comes with all needed cables. Powerful and very useful desktop software.

CONS: Creates a mess of cables on your desk. Occupies USB port, which I believe is important to laptop users.

DualHead2Go 1Many professionals in various kinds of creative industries use computers as their main tool of work. This usually means that classic Mac doesn’t fully suit their needs, but luckily there is a wide range of all kinds of accessories and 3rd party equipment, which is specifically made for different types of works. However, there are a few items which are in common for most of them, like the need of expanded desktop, which is generated by adding additional screens.

In order to add an external display, you can directly connect it to your Mac, but this comes with some limitations. Some models are able to handle one, while others can handle two external displays, on their own. Ff you need more flexibility, and better performance, you might want to purchase some 3rd party solution.

The Matrox DualHead2GO Digital Me is an adapter which allows you easily add up to two DVI monitors to a Mac. It is priced at $179. It is also important to know that it comes with a USB cable, a Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable, and a desktop software. This means that DVI cables and video adapters are not included.

It is actually very easy and straightforward to set it up. The front side of this device has a DisplayPort which is a video input port, as well as a USB cable which powers DualHead2Go. Back side features two DVI ports. In order to set it up, you will need to use included Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort to connect it to your Mac. Free USB slot on your computer is also needed, which is used to power this device. External monitors are connected via DVI ports. And that’s all there is. Now you will need to install PowerDesk software, in order to fine-tune preferences.

DualHead2Go 4

PowerDesk is quite helpful and feature-rich, and it will give you plenty of options to set up external displays. You will be able to customize resolution and refresh rates. You can also use Digital Signage feature, which allows external monitors to behave like one large desktop, or you can use them as a separate displays. This way, one display will hold your dock, so you will have plenty of open space for your applications and opened windows. For those who would like to use Digital Signage, it will be helpful to hear that DualHead2Go supports up to 4 million pixels, and it can support two 1920×1090 displays, which makes maximum DVI resolution of 3840×1200.

DualHead2Go makes managing multiple displays a breeze, since set-up is very easy and fast. PowerDesk software is able to accommodate you needs and make additional displays behave the way it’s most convenient for you. I guess this device is actually perfect for media creation, CAD and 3D design, photography, and actually for anyone who would like to expand traditional desktop.



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