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PROS: Nicely designed, durable and very light. Packed with tons of useful features. Keeps track of your activities throughout the day and during your sleep.

CONS: It works perfectly with Mac/iOS products, but it lacks support for Android.

Fitbit One 1If you ever searched for a perfect fitness gadget to keep track of your daily activity, you’ve must have come across three devices, which are the most popular at the moment. Those are Nike+ FuelBand, Jawbone Up, and a range of Fitbit accessories. If you follow us here on, you’ve had the change to read reviews of Nike+ FuelBand as well as Jawbone Up. We explained how they work, their design, their advantages and shortcomings. Today we are going to tell you about Fitbit One, which has some interesting features which set it apart.

These three products are all very helpful and packed with similar, yet very different features, so in case you’re looking for a fitness gadget, it’s a good idea to get information about each of these products. We all have different needs and habits, so it’s important to have a tech companion which will suit you the best.

Fitbit One is made by a well-known company called Fitbit, which specializes in fitness gadgets and accessories. They currently offer several activity trackers, as well as Wi-Fi enabled smart scale. Fitbit One is on a market for a while now, and it’s proven to be a very successful product.

Fitbit One is a small gadget which easily fits in an average palm. It’s very light, so you won’t even feel that you’re wearing it, and you can attach it to clothes using a silicon clip. It also comes with an addition which allows is to transform into wristband, which you can wear during your sleep. It comes only in two colors: black and dark red (burgundy). As you can see from the pictures, it features OLED display and only one button, so it’s somewhat similar to Nike+ FuelBand in terms how you interact with it. Display is very nice and easily readable in all conditions. Finally, it comes with a rechargeable battery with a lifetime of 5 days on a single charge.

Fitbit One 2

Fitbit One is able to track how much steps you’ve made, or how many stairs you’ve climbed. It also records burned calories, and traveled distance. If you use it during your sleep, it will count how many hours you’ve slept and it will calculate quality of sleep. It features silent alarm as well. You can review all these information right within this device by clicking on a button, and you can also use Mac, PC, and iOS in order to wirelessly sync and transfer recorded data. Some Android devices are also supported, but in a limited functionality.

Fitbit One scr3

When you transfer data to your computer, you can clearly see your activity throughout the day, as well as throughout the night. It will calculate and generation numerous reports, which are present in a beautifully visual manner. It is also important to note that Fitbit One also logs your food and liquids you take, so you can receive very detailed nutritional reports.

Fitbit One scr4

Another important aspect of Fitbit One is that it constantly makes you move and encourages you throughout the day. It will tell you if you’ve made a milestone, and you can also compare your results with your friends’ using iOS app, for example.

Considering that Fitbit One costs $99, which make it more affordable then competitors’ products, it offers plenty of features. These are all well designed and capable features which provide you a huge amount of helpful data.



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