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PROS: Interestingly design interface. High success rate. Offers detailed report before deleting any files.

CONS: Somewhat overpriced.

Gemini scr1If you want to keep your Mac running at its peak performance, you will simply need to take care of it. By taking care of it, we mean that you will need to do some maintenance from time to time, which is aimed to help your operating system run smoothly. Good news is that Mac OS X comes with some very serious preloaded maintenance apps, which could be found in Utilities folder, that located within Application folder. There are also some built-in scripts which are being run in a background from time to time, so you won’t even know that your Mac is repairing itself on its own. Still, there’s plenty which could be done to keep your Mac healthy, and most importantly, to keep yourself organized and productive.

During the years, some IT professionals and developers argued on how important it is to remove duplicated files out of your computer. Surely, this will save some space on your hard drive, but it actually digs somewhat deeper into your system and the way Mac OS X sees files and runs them. This is why there are some very popular applications, created only to search for duplicates and remove them. This is not an easy thing to do, since these applications need to have a reliable search algorithms, which will detect the right files. Lately, the most popular application of this kind is called Gemini, and could be found in the Mac App Store ($9.99).

Gemini scr3
It is clear that developers of Gemini knew how important it is to have a well-designed application, whose interface will attract an average Mac user. This application offers uniquely designed interface, in its category, and could be used as a good example for the future projects. Once you start it, it will show a simple window which will ask you to select which directories need to be scanned for duplicates. You can also drag and drop folders or whole directories, and you can also scan external drives. After you click on “Scan” button, it will show an animation while scanning, and it will finally show you how much space is being occupied by duplicate files. Then, it will show you iTunes-like window, where you can see a detailed report.

As we said earlier, interface is surely not the most important thing about this type of application. The most important is that it is able to identify duplicates without a mistake. Gemini is doing a good job of finding duplicates, as it seems. It finds identical pictures with different names, for example, and digs deep into application directories.

Gemini scr2

Even though Gemini does a god job, I would still recommend to go through the list of found duplicates, instead of using auto removal. Gemini quickly categorizes files, and you can also use Quick Look to take a peek at a file. This is important as much as its success rate.

In overall, Gemini is a good solution in case you need to find duplicates. It costs $9.99, and I think it’s somewhat overpriced, since it is made to perform only one operation. Yet, it is very popular, so I assume that most users are very happy with it.


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