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PROS: Combines several major features. Basic photo editor, and a very powerful converter.

CONS: Somewhat rigid interface.

GraphicConverter 2Ability to convert graphic files is especially important to graphic designers and web developers. Every type of media requires a certain standard to be achieved in order to successfully process an image. For graphic designers who work with printed media, it is important to optimize an image in order to achieve the best quality and resolution, as well as to prepare file type for further processing by some kind of professional publishing software, like Adobe’s InDesign. For graphic designers who are preparing graphics for web upload, images need to have a certain quality but small file size in order to save space and bandwidth. This all can be done with a number of professional grade image processors, like Photoshop. However, this application is very expensive, and this is why there are some more affordable alternatives.

GraphicConverter is a well-known image processor, which has been around for over a decade. It developed from a shareware into paid application and is now offered through Mac App Store for $38.99. As you can assume from its price, this is not just another simple image editor that you can purchase for a few dollars, since it does offer some professional grade features.

GraphicConverter 3

Throughout the years, GraphicConverter pretty much kept its rigid interface design, so it doesn’t look like an average image editor. This application combines image browser, graphic converter, and image editor as well. Newest version made this application Retina display ready, which is very important for an application of this kind.

Once you open it for the first time, you’ll see an image browser. You can navigate through files and folders which are already present on your Mac. This interface also combines graphic converter, since you will browse for an image that needs to be converted. You can choose multiple photos, or only one, which you can later edit. This browser also lets you navigate folder where converted images will be saved.

GraphicConverter 1
If you choose to edit an image before converting it, you will be taken to a new screen. Editing is pretty much straightforward and somewhat limited and basic. You can adjust parameters of brightness, contrast, sharpness, and such. There aren’t any advanced features here, but the current set can be nicely utilized.

Once you’re finished editing, you’ll be taken back to a previous screen. Now you will need to setup parameters for a new output file. There are over 200 graphic file types and over 80 formats available, which are preloaded presets. You can also edit Meta data like EXIF, IPTC, XMP, and GPS. This side of GraphicConverter is quite powerful and could be easily compared to a Photoshop, for example. Conversion is quite fast and effortless, and could be done individually or in batches of images.

GraphicConverter is a very helpful application. It performs well, and cleverly combines a browser, converter, and an image editor. It does offer plenty of features for its price, and seems like a good choice.


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