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PROS: Does a good job of keeping a record of your possessions. Comes with free iOS app which speeds up the whole process of cataloguing.

CONS: Loose protection of data.

Home Inventory 1I’ve recently stumbled upon an application called Home Inventory, which is used to create a record of your possessions. I’ve known about this application for a while now, but since I’ve never been really interesting in created digital library of this kind, I never took a closer look at it. This changed when I read reviews of this application, found in the New York Times and some other very respectable online magazines which are testing Mac accessories. These articles made me think of ways this application could be useful and after reading all the facts, I must say that I was surprised. This is when I decided to try this application out, and to try to get the most out of it.

Home Inventory isn’t the only cataloguing application in the Mac App Store, but currently it is one of the most popular. It is made to help you keep track of your possessions, by making a catalog of objects filled with important information and a photo. The main role of this is to have a proof of your belongings which is needed by most insurance policies. It is able to make various reports and calculate current value of your belongings.

Home Inventory 2

Let’s start with the interface of Home Inventory. It is pretty much straightforward and easy to use, even though it is clear that it could have been more attractive. This seems to be the trouble with most cataloguing applications, but as a bottom line it is important how easy it is to use them. Home Inventory comes with an interface which consists of three parts. First part is a left sidebar which lets you choose to which room or a part of your house you want to add new items. Next sidebar is a list of all items in that particular room, and the rest of the window is dedicated to entering new information and photos. You can easily add new rooms, as well as new items, effortlessly.

Probably the best thing about Home Inventory is that you get free iOS application which could be used to take snapshots and add new items to your catalogue. This saves a lot of time, and makes whole process much easier.

Home Inventory 3

After you’ve added all of the items to your new catalogue, Home Inventory makes sure to keep track of all changes. You can edit entries, and add info about repairs or upgrades. This all goes to calculation in case you need Home Inventory to generate a report. There are seven preloaded reporting templates, and you can also create your own. This way you can easily get a worth estimate check, or you can list a report on which warranties are about to expire.

Just like with any other digital catalogue, it will take some time and effort to add and take pictures of all your belongings. Home Inventory makes this process easier and faster, which is always a good thing. You can easily generate reports and insurance coverage information, which is also another positive thing about Home Inventory.

One of the drawbacks of this application is the way it protects information. It is able to password protect your sensitive data, which I believe is simply not enough in this case. Also, information stored in its database should be encrypted, at least.


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