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PROS: Unique application on a market. Offers nicely designed balance in professional features, which are user friendly and accessible. Fast performance.

CONS: None.

iStopMotion scr1In this article we are bringing you a review of a very interesting piece of software. It is used to create stop motion animation, as well as time lapse photography projects. It could be said that this is unique application which allows almost anyone to create interesting animations, and express their creativity.

It is called iStopMotion and you can purchase it through Mac App Store for $49.99.

You’ve probably watched stop motion videos a lot of times, without questioning yourself what kind of procedure is needed to create those kind of animations. Stop motion is technique where you need a physical model, usually made of clay or similar somewhat soft material, which is moved and simultaneously photographed in small increments. This way, if you flick through these photographs quickly, you will see that those objects become animated. This is where you need an actual application which will work its magic and transform your photos into an animated movie.

We gave an example of clay modeling, but you can do this by photographing almost everything, including people, drawings, animals, and everything that you can find in your surroundings. Since you’ll need a lot of photographs to create one simple movement, you will need a lot of time, dedication and patience in order to create your first stop motion video.

iStopMotion scr2

iStopMotion offers a lot of pro and semi-pro features packed in a very user-friendly interface. In general, you will get a window which could be observed through its three main parts: main working area, which lets you see your photo and preview effects; Time frame for adding photos and reorganizing them; And there’s also vertical toolbar which gives you plenty of options and preloaded effects. Interface is nicely organized and even if you never worked on stop motion video, you won’t have any problems diving into this territory.

iStopMotion scr3

This application comes with a price tag of $50 because it brings some very serious features, which could be found in professional grade animation software. For example, you can easily add backgrounds and foregrounds by adjusting your main photo, which can create very complex scene without a lot of effort. There’s also an option for rotoscoping, where you can add another video which is used as a guide to get some particular movement. Another interesting feature gives you an option to export an animation as a flipbook, which could be easily printed. Besides all of these interesting features, you can add effects and perform basic editing. In case you need some more serious editing capabilities, iStopMotion recommends using iMovie or Final Cut to add titles and sound effects, for example.

In case you’re interesting in creating stop motion videos or time lapses, iStopMotion seems to be a perfect tool to get the job done. It does cost $50, but if you compare it to a professional grade software which costs 10 times more, it will be clear that this application is surely a good investment.


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