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PROS: Very nice design. Quality made. Tracks your fitness activity, sleep patterns, and gives you nutritional info.

CONS: Connects to your iPhone only via headphone jack. No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.

Jawbone Up 1One of the things I like best about my iPhone are those fitness applications which provide me with much needed exercise and nutrition info. I am very active throughout the day, and I do like going to gym regularly, so having a some kind of digital personal assistant, or even a simple fitness oriented to-do application, helps me a lot and in a way gives me encouragement and motivation. As you probably know, there are some accessories made specifically for iPhone which provide well-rounded activity tracking, which I believe is a very good idea to use.

In today’s article we are bringing a review of another very popular and interesting fitness accessory, which could be directly compared with Nike+ FuelBand, and which is called Jawbone Up.

Jawbone Up is an activity tracking system, which consist of bracelet and an iPhone app. It costs $129.99, and could be purchased directly from Apple’s online store, but could be also found at numerous re-sellers. Speaking of its price, it is somewhat more affordable than Nike’s fitness bracelet which comes at a price of $149.

Jawbone Up 2

Bracelet is made of high quality, medical grade rubber and comes in three sizes. It feels nice on touch, since it features a recognizable texture. It comes in six colors, so there’s a wide choice and everyone can find the right fit. It is light, and you will get accustomed to it very quickly, which is a good thing since you’re supposed to wear it all the time.

Jawbone Up features a battery which could last for 10 days, which really is the case in practice. It can be charged via USB. It is also very quick to fully charge, which could be done within 80 minutes.

Now, speaking of its features, it seems to me that Jawbone Up offers a lot more features than Nike+ FuelBand, which simply tracks your movement and convert it to Nike-specific points. In difference, Jawbone Up isn’t only made for fitness activity, since it keeps track of your sleeping patterns, and it also gives you nutritional information via its iPhone app.

Jawbone Up measures your activity as a pedometer, which gives you information on how much distance you’ve walked, as well as total calorie burn (active and resting). It also tracks you sleep and gradually wakes you up (using its built-in vibration). Nutritional information can be retrieved by either scanning barcode or taking a picture of a food you eat. There are also some interesting features like Power Nap (which wakes you up after 27 or 45 minutes of sleep), as well as Idle Alert (which alerts you after you’ve been non-active for some time). It is also important to say that iPhone application looks simply beautiful and presents a lot of information in a very clear and elegant way.

In order to collect the information, you must wear Jawbone Up all the time. Then, when you decide to transfer data to iPhone, you’ll need to use iPhone’s headset jack to connect your bracelet. This seems outdated and unnecessary, since all other competitive products use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to achieve this kind of connection. This is not a major setback, but it does mean that you’ll need to psychically connect your bracelet to your phone in order to get the latest and the most accurate info.


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