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PROS: Nicely designed and finely crafted product. Can be used simultaneously with Mac and iOS devices. Pleasure to type. Adjustable backlit illumination.

CONS: None.

Easy Switch Keyboard 2During the last year, Logitech achieved major success with several interesting products. It unveiled some interesting wireless speakers which were well received by critics and customers as well. Perhaps one of its biggest success was iPad compatible keyboard, which also serves as a cover. This is why, when iPad mini came out, Logitech worked hard to make a new smaller keyboard so you can get the best of this small tablet as well.

In this article we’ll be talking about another interesting product from Logitech, which I found surprisingly interesting. This is so called “Easy Switch” keyboard ($100), and its main feature is Bluetooth connectivity which allows this keyboard to work simultaneously with OS X and iOS as well.

I’ve been an iPad user ever since the first generation came out, and I’ve been using Macs as long as I can remember. I always wondered why there’s not a keyboard which could be used with both platforms at the same time, since I believe that this would most people find appealing. If you put some thought into it, this is not an easy task. Essentially, you need a keyboard quality enough to be used with a desktop computer in long-term, but small and light enough to be mobile so you can carry it around and use it with iPad. Well, Easy Switch keyboard seems to have solved this problem.

Easy Switch Keyboard 1

Even though each of us have slightly different sense of aesthetics, I think most of us can agree that this keyboard is nicely designed. It features quality materials, which are mostly aluminum and hard plastics. Its design complements iMac as well as iPad, so you won’t feel like you’re using an actual 3rd party made product.

Easy Switch has Bluetooth connectivity, and is able to simultaneously connect to three devices. In order to switch between these, all you need to do is to press a button. Switching is fast, and I’ve never had a problem with its connectivity. Even after you turn off devices and computers, once you power them on, connectivity will work flawlessly.

Easy Switch Keyboard 3

This keyboard is probably one of the most comfortable keyboards I’ve used in a while. Once I started doing some research, I’ve found an information that Logitech has something called “Perfect Stroke” system, which is created to make keystrokes silent, natural, and fluid. Since I’ve got accustomed to those small iPad compatible keyboards, this one surprised me quite a bit and it’s pleasure using it.

Another very interesting feature is backlit illumination. Logitech took a step further, and improved it. Keys are illuminated very brightly, but you can adjust its brightness using F8 and F9 keys. Also, this keyboard features sensors which automatically adjust illumination according to light in your room. Finally, illumination will work only while using this keyboard. Once you remove your hands, illumination will turn off, and turn on once you continue using it.

In case you a need keyboard using which you can control your Mac and iOS devices at the same time, Easy Switch keyboard is the perfect choice. I would recommend it even if you simply need a new keyboard for your Mac, since it is pleasure to use it and comes with some amazing features.



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