Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard for iPad mini
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PROS: Affordable. Quality made and durable. Battery life of 3 months. iPad dedicated keys.

CONS: None really.

Keyboard for iPad mini 2Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard proved to be one of the best-selling iPad accessories. This is due to its attractive design, light weight, quality materials, and some innovative features. Just like most of us hoped, Logitech now made iPad mini compatible keyboard, and we were eager to see if it justifies its hype.

Design of Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard for iPad mini is simplistic and its aesthetics nicely complements iPad’s light curvature. You can buy it in two colors: black and white, which is made to fully complement black or white iPad mini. Besides keys, you will find two light indicators, where one is for Bluetooh status, and the other signalizes its charging status. There’s still a small slot which holds your tablet very firmly and in its place. This keyboard could be also used as a cover, and it comes equipped with magnetic connector which easily connects with magnetic side of iPad mini. Once you connect these two, keyboard nicely wraps around it, and there are also two soft corners which prevent any scratches on iPad mini’s screen, which is a thoughtful touch.

Keyboard for iPad mini 3

Once you hold it in your hand, it will become clear that this keyboard is quality made, durable and resistant to scratches and external damages. Its outer shell is made of aluminum, and it matches iPad back plate, so it feels really nice while carrying it around in your hand. It also seems quite resistant, so you can expect that scratches won’t appear the first day you start using it. The other side of this keyboard is where all the keys are positioned. This side is made of hard and quality plastics, and they seem very resistant as well. Keys are nicely positioned, and even though there isn’t much space for a long-term comfortable typing, this keyboard is doing its best to make things comfortable. After all, iPad mini is quite small, so keyboards are limited to its small dimensions, especially those who also act as a cover.

Keyboard for iPad mini 1

In order to use it, you will need to pair it via Bluetooth. This process is extremely easy and effortless. All you need to do is to press dedicated Bluetooth button, located on the side. This will make Logitech’s keyboard appear in iOS settings, and you can tap to pair these two. You need to do this only once, so when you finish typing you can use on/off switch to take a pause. Once you decide to use it again, simply turn the keyboard on and it will automatically reconnect.

What’s interesting about this keyboard is that also offers a set of iPad dedicated buttons, combined with digit keys. To use them, hold “fn” button and simultaneously press appropriate dedicated key. There’s a Home button, Siri button, language selection, touchscreen key, slideshow feature, and media playback keys. Besides Siri, there’s also a dictation key, which is very helpful in iOS text editors.

As a bottom line, Logitech’s Ultrathin iPad mini keyboard is currently the best choice available. It offers plenty of useful features, it is quality made, and costs only $79.


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