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PROS: Offer comprehensive set of features, but almost all of them could be found in free Onyx.

CONS: Interface could be a bit more polished. Lack of innovative feature which could justify its price.

MacOptimizer 1Every operating system needs some kind of regular maintenance in order to keep running without a glitch. Mac OS X comes with some handy tools, like Disk Utility for example, which lets you perform some maintenance tasks. On the other hand, Apple doesn’t provide all the necessary tools and sometimes you might even need to use Terminal, which proves to be somewhat complicated for an average user. This is why there are many system utilities in the Mac App Store, where some are free, and some are paid applications. These apps take care on your system on several different levels, from cleaning junk files up to optimizing Mac OS X’s hidden preferences.

This category of applications comes with some serious competition, since developers are constantly trying to offer some kind of paid application which will beat Onyx, which is the most popular system utility app. Onyx doesn’t only offer plenty of helpful features, but also comes completely free, and that is why it’s hard to beat this app.

MacOptimizer 2

One of these applications, which is trying to take its place on the market and popularity charts, is called MacOptimizer. It comes from a company called 128bit Technologies and could be purchased for $19. In this particular app category this is a high priced product, and I was eager to see what kind of innovation it brings to the table.

Once you open it for the first time, MacOptimizer will show you its main window with a set of five tabs, where each of them hides specific set of features. These are: Free Cache, Optimization, Maintenance, System Tweaks, Language Buster, and Desktop Genie. We’ll explain each of them briefly. Overall interface looks nice, even though it sometimes seems tiring on the eyes because of some glowing effects behind letters.

Free Cache, as you can imagine, removes cache files. There are two groups of caches, system and font cache. You can remove both at the same time, or only one category. Removal is really quick.

Optimization brings features identical to ones in Onyx, like rebuilding Spotlight index, emptying Trash bin, repairing disk permission, and similar.

Maintenance tab brings ability to run-on-demand maintenance scripts which come preloaded with Mac OS X. These could be also found in Onyx, completely identical.

System Tweaks brings some interesting features which opens up some Mac OS X hidden preferences. For example, you can show hidden files, empty Trash after it reaches certain size, hide desktop, and similar. Maybe some users will find these interesting, but they aren’t exactly groundbreaking and you can find some more capable tweaking apps for free.

Language Buster removes unwanted languages, which is also Onyx’s feature. And finally, Desktop Genie offers to organize your Desktop by organizing files by date, and type.

Bottom line is that this application doesn’t bring anything new or groundbreaking, as you would expect from a system utility which is priced at $19. The fact is that Onyx brings almost all of these features for free, and it is also nicely designed and very reliable.


  1. TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!!! Mac Optimizer hijacked my computer. I could not close, quit, delete it, or move it to the trash. I called the number and of course that wanted remote access to fix it, NO WAY. They threatened to deactivate my device unless I call them and pay. I finally found a “No thanks” to click. I quit from the doc, then went to applications in finder and moved it into the trash. Threats don’t work on me. it just makes me more aggressive with reporting and reviewing. TOTAL COMPLETE FRAUD, AND SCAM!!!!!!


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