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PROS: Easy to set up. Slim and nicely designed. Plenty of additional battery power.

CONS: Significantly adds to iPhone’s height. 3rd party headsets will have problems reaching the headset port.

Mophie is a company probably known best for their cases which also include additional battery for your iPhone. They’ve been a huge success ever since they appeared on the market. There’s a lot of battery cases out there, but most of them are really thick, and they add a lot to iPhone’s weight. This makes them not so suitable for a device which we carry around and use throughout the day. Mophie was probably the first company who produced cases of acceptable thickness and weight, packed in a nicely looking and durable shell.

When iPhone 5 appeared on the market, it made obsolete all previous products. This was due to two very large reasons, or obstacles. First, iPhone got much taller and thinner, so dimensions of previous cases simply didn’t fit. Also, iPhone 5 features Lightning port, which is not compatible to old 30-pin connector. Luckily, Mophie managed to designed a new generation of Juice Pack and optimize it for iPhone 5, and you can preorder it right now for $80.

Mophie Juice Pack Helium seems like a worthy successor or Juice Pack Air, which is a very successful and popular battery case for iPhone 4/4S. Many things remained the same, like construction and materials, but there are also some subtle changes in design.

Juice Pack Helium 1

In order to place Juice Pack Helium around your phone, you’ll need to take it apart into two separate parts. Then, simply place your iPhone into a front half so it nicely fits, especially around the buttons, and then simply pull the bottom part into top until it clicks. That’s all to it. As you can see, setup is very simple and construction is still very sturdy and resistant to damages. There’s also a small cushion on a surface where Helium touches iPhone’s back plate, which serves as a shock absorber.

Juice Pack Helium 3

Another difference in design is that LED status lights are now located on the back of Helium. What remained the same is that Helium still offers openings around iPhone’s buttons and ports. With some cases, I tend to have problems controlling buttons through these openings, but I didn’t have that problem with the new Helium.

Juice Pack Helium 4

Once you place iPhone 5 into Helium shell, it will automatically power it up. This means that your phone will primarily use Helium’s battery power, so when it gets depleted, iPhone will switch to its own battery. Charging can be done through Micro USB port, located on the bottom, using which you automatically charge Helium and iPhone’s integrated battery. It will take approximately 2.5 to 3 hours to fully charge Helium.

Speaking of its performance, Juice Pack Helium offers up to 6hrs of additional talk time; 30hrs of additional audio playback; 7hrs of video playback; 7hrs of Wi-Fi use and 6hrs of 3G/LTE use. These are very good results, especially if you take Helium’s thin dimensions in consideration.



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