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PROS: Nicely designed interface. Makes Mac OS X tweaking easy. Restores your computer in case of a problem. Free of charge.

CONS: None.

Mountain Tweaks 1Since I tend to write about Mac OS X and Windows related subjects, I try to keep up with both worlds equally. I’ve used Window-powered PC at first, but that was way back when Windows XP was at its prime, and then I switched to Macs. Today I consider myself a Mac user, but I am still forced to use Windows 8 in order to run some applications, and apply certain protocols that my job requires. This also has its good sides, since I always compare how these two operating systems function and I am trying to figure out what kind of a computer user would lean towards Mac or Windows.

Most users of these two opposite sides would argue that Windows is far more open to tweaks and changing its core settings, while Mac seems to be oversimplified in some ways. This means that Apple made an effort to create Mac as enjoyable as possible, and to let you adjust mostly its personalization. The good news is that now you can use an application which will allow you to fine-tune all kinds of different preferences, and make Mac OS X perfectly suit your needs.

The application we’ll be talking about in this article is called Mountain Tweaks, and you can download it completely free of charge. In case you really like it and plan on using it for a while, you can always donate some money to a developer.

Mountain Tweaks 2

What makes Mountain Tweaks so special, in comparison to other similar applications, is its ease of use and how intuitive it is. If you look at its name you would assume that this is Mountain Lion-only application, but you can use it on older versions of Mac OS X as well.

You will get to use three tabs – General, Lion, and Mountain Lion tweaks.

General tweaks refer to those tweaks which are in common for multiple previous versions of Mac OS X. You can see from the screenshots what you can adjust, so there’s no need to explain each of them.

Lion tweaks can be used with Lion as well as Mountain Lion. Here you can find several very interesting features. For example, I know that many people have a problem with skeuomorphic interface of iCal and Contacts, so now you can easily revert it to aluminum looking. You can also enable AirDrop feature on older hardware.

Finally, there’s Mountain Lion tweaks tab, where you can find features which are tied only to the latest version of Mac OS X.

In case you run into some problems, or in case you don’t remember which features you’ve adjusted, and you want to revert to a default settings, you can use Restore tab. I really appreciate this feature, since it protects from one-way changes.

In case you’re in need of reliable tweaking application for Mac OS X, Mountain Tweaks is currently the best choice out there. It offers plenty of interesting features, and it’s also free of charge.


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