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PROS: iCloud sync with an iPhone app. CONS: Skeuomorphic design and sketchy graphics. Limits you to only one post per day. Inability to add photos to an entry. A lot room for improvement.

My Wonderful Days 2Journaling apps were always present on a market of Mac OS X applications, even though I’ve never actually used one on a regular basis. To be honest, I always looked at them as useless pieces of software which only makes you busy for a while, without any visible effect. This point of view dramatically changed after a few very well designed journals for Mac OS, after which I realized that they can be used to organize yourself, and become more productive. Here on we reviewed the top selling journal of 2012, called Day One.

While I was writing Day One review, I took some time to research how this type of application can be used in order to achieve some important goal. Many physiologists are actually advising us to start writing journals, or simply to take notes on a daily basis about a certain aspect of our everyday life. After I while it is actually really helpful to read those information and in some way, to get to know yourself. Of course, this isn’t the only use of journal, and I am just giving an example of a serious one.

Today we’re bringing you a review of another journaling app, called My Wonderful Days. I will compare it to Day One, since I believe this application is an excellent example of a successful digital journaling tool.

My Wonderful Days 3

My Wonderful Days features somewhat skeuomorphic design, which is notable in colors, backgrounds, and icons. This made me believe that this journal is made for those less serious individuals who like journaling as a hobby, with loose commitment to it. It is actually very simple, and allows you to make one entry per day. Once you open the application, simple click on a small hand drawn pencil icon and start typing. Fonts are Arial, and letters simply stand out from the whole graphical context. All other elements are playful and sketchy, and they certainly don’t correspond with a serious font like Arial. Hand drawn style of icons isn’t my favorite thing, but I believe that this application is made primarily for girls, so I guess that girls in general will like it.

Main window of My Wonderful Days consists of an empty entry pad, and a list of pervious entries. You’ll be able to enter a text and symbols, and set up a slider of how happy you are with that particular day: from smiley to angry face. You can also add images, but not to your posts, since they will be displayed only as a thumbnails.

My Wonderful Days 1

My Wonderful Days offer iCloud sync, so you can use with an iOS app, which I believe is a good decision. Of course, you’ll need to buy two separate licenses, for Mac and iOS app.

This journaling application is somewhat a good choice, but I think that it doesn’t offer enough features to justify its price of $4.99. Day One ($9.99) is a bit more expensive, but it’s the perfect choice for anyone who’s serious about journaling their thoughts.


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