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PROS: Interesting concept. Easy to apply. Very firm and quality made. CONS: Completely blocks illumination of MacBook Pro’s keyboard, so beware.

Keyboard Decals 1It’s needless to say that most Mac users care about design and aesthetics as much as they care for performance and technical specifications of a computer. This is one of many advantages that Apple offers, which has proven to be a successful job.

I strongly believe that aesthetics of Macs is unique in today’s IT market, and this is why you can be proud to carry them around without any bag, sleeve, or a cover. This also means that those 3rd accessory designers and manufacturers needed to take extra steps and time in order to offer interesting and innovative products.

MyBanana is a well-known web shop which offers carefully selected collection of accessories for various Mac models. This store first appeared on many Mac-only review web sites after it began selling very interesting stickers for Mac notebooks, which are still very popular. In fact, you’ll probably seen one of these somewhere around, without even knowing where it came from.

In this article we are bringing you a review of another interesting product from MyBanana, and those are keyboard decals. These are use to protect you keyboard from a number of damages during everyday use, but they are also interestingly designed accessories. There are three different designs (styles) and each of them could be purchased for $17, which is a good deal for this product category.

Keyboard Decals scr2

These decals are made of vinyl which is waterproof and very durable. It also doesn’t change any tactile effect of your existing keyboard, so you won’t have to spend any time adjusting to it. I am saying this as a good example, since there are numerous silicon decals which I find very obstructive and hard to get used to.

To apply them, you will need to clean your keyboard first. Than peel off each sticker and apply it directly to an appropriate key. As you can see, application process is pretty much straightforward. It is also important to say that they stick to keys very firmly, and you surely won’t have any problems with them later in time. I wouldn’t recommend trying to peel them off to see how this will work, since you won’t be able to stick them once again.

Keyboard Decals 3

Just like many users noticed, these decals look really nice but they have a design issue. In case you use MacBook Pro (which comes with an illumined keyboard), these decals will completely block that illumination. I find this very troubling, since I believe that illuminated keyboard is an important aspect of my notebook’s design.

As a bottom line, I would recommend this product to anyone who’s in need of quality protection of Mac’s keyboard, except for those notebooks with illuminated keys. They will protect the keys, and they certainly feature eye-catching design. You can actually get to choose from three designs for your keyboard decals: Lego-like, rainbow and UK flag design.


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