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PROS: User friendly interface. Keeps you efficiently organized. Markdown formatting. Ability of iCloud sync. CONS: Could benefit from advanced sharing features and print capability. A lot of room for improvement.

Noted scr4Mac App Store is filled with all kinds of note taking applications, and they all claim to offer some kind of innovative and breath-taking solution which sets them apart. In practice, most of them need a lot of work and effort in order to keep your notes organized, so they actually make it harder to be organized and productive.

Evernote was probably the first mainstream note taking application, which set the bar very high. It’s been there for a while now, and it is very popular even today, both its Mac and iOS version as well. Once I review a new note taking application, I usually compare it with Evernote which is nicely designed, feature rich and most importantly, completely free.

In this article we are bringing you a review of Noted, a new note taking application brought by Blank Desk. Its developers offered a lot of promising things and ideas, so I was happy to take it for a spin. Noted can be purchased using Mac App Store, for $4.99.

Noted scr1

First, let’s start from its interface. Noted brings simplistic and streamlined interface. It actually looks a lot like any other note taking application, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After all, it needs to have logical and organized interface, which is easy to handle. You’ll basically get a window divided into right and left side. Right side takes about 80% of space and holds all your notes and transforms into new entry window, when you choose to add a new note. Left side is where you can find folders for your notes, which gives ability to organize them. You can create several folders (or books), which could contain numerous subcategories, or labels. So for example, you can create Home and Work folders. Once you take a note which refers to your work, you can label it and send it into a subcategory of a work folder which could be about meetings, payments, or any other specifically oriented task. There’s also unified folder, which basically holds all your notes, as well as Starred, for the important ones. Finally, there’s Trash, which doesn’t need explaining.

Noted scr2

Now a few words on how you can add new notes. Simply open up a new note, and you can start typing. You can use markdown input, which means that you can format your text by typing a specific text command which could make certain words bold, italic, underlined, etc. You can also add attachments like photos, videos, PDFs and text files which won’t be embedded into note, but they will be presented as an attachment to an email, for example.

Noted scr3

Having a good and reliable note taking application will make you store a large amount of information into it. This means that you’ll need some sharing capabilities in order to share data from your notes, as well as ability to print them. Well, you can share them using Noted but only through an e-mail or Apple’s Messages protocol. You won’t be able to print them, though.

Noted is a nicely designed, but quite simple application. It does take your notes and keeps you organized, but Evernote, for example, comes with some pretty powerful and more advanced features like audio and video recording. Still, I would recommend this application in case you need a bit simpler note taking app with a clean and nicely designed interface.


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