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PROS: Pleasant looking interface. Logical organization of notes. Formatting feature.

CONS: Takes time to adapt to its interface. Limited keyboard shortcuts implementation.

Noteworthy 2Note-taking applications can be huge time savers and productivity boosters. I imagine most people use them on a daily basis, since you can come up with an idea about something while you’re typing on your computer or while surfing the web. In case you find something interesting, or some idea simply appears in your mind, it would be perfect to have a simple note-taking application, simply to type it in, or paste something interesting. You can do this using Mac’s Notes application, but this kind of simplistic application doesn’t do this job as well as it possibly could. Luckily, Mac App Store offers plenty of these apps, where some are completely free of charge. One of those is Noteworthy+.

Noteworthy+ is an interesting note-taking application which sits in Mac’s menu bar, so when you click on its icon, it will show a drop-down floating-style window. The main difference between this app and some other more complex idea-catching application like Evernote, is that Noteworthy+ is always present in the background and accessible in a second. Of course, it doesn’t have all the power of Evernote, but on the other hand it is much more capable that some similar paid applications.

Noteworthy 1

Once you start using it, it will take some time and effort to learn how it actually works. Its workflow isn’t so intuitive at first, but you will quickly adapt to it.

Now, we’ll briefly explain how Noteworthy+ works. Basically, you’ll have two categories of entries: notebooks and notes. Notebooks are general category, in which you place notes. This means that when you open this app, you’ll get a list of notebooks, and when you click on one, you’ll see all the notes you’ve saved. To return to a previous step, you’ll need to click on that odd looking button in a right bottom corner, which I guess should resemble iPhone’s Home button.

When you choose to add a new note, a vertical formatting toolbar will appear on the right side, which is a pleasant surprise. This kind of simple application usually doesn’t have any formatting options, so it’s nice to see that Noteworthy+ integrated this feature. You will be able to highlight text, bold or italicize it, change colors, size, fonts and even add bullet points. Once you’re finished editing your new post, click on a “home button” and you’ll return to a list of notebooks.

This kind of simple note-taking application is all about productivity. It is here to offer you lightning fast note taking, and some kind of organizing feature. Noteworthy+ does a good job of achieving these tasks, and the only thing I resent is limited keyboard shortcuts implementation. It would be great if you could adjust or add new shortcuts, so you can start, and navigate it without even touching your mouse, or a trackpad. That would make this application perfect.


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