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PROS: Easy to use. Non-intrusive.

CONS: After using 1Password for a while, this application seems like a stripped password manager.

PassLocker1Most of us use internet on a daily basis, which means that we regularly visit certain websites which require some kind of membership. These can be social networks, e-mail and banking accounts, forum memberships or even a website which caters personalized news. This means that you need to have a username and a password for each of those. In today’s age it would be really naive not to strongly consider taking care of online security, especially with those accounts which carry financial matters or any other personal matter, for that sake. People usually make two foolish mistakes. One of them is setting up pretty easy password like “123456” or mixing their names and year or birth. Other mistake would be using that same password, no matter how strong it is, with different accounts around the web. This is where a reliable password manager should be put to work.

Password managers are applications which are able to safely store your passwords, and keep that sensitive information encrypted. Here on, we’ve recently reviewed 1Password, which is currently one of the top selling password managers, which also holds some great features. The truth is that an average home user could benefit more from a simpler password manager, which should be also more affordable than 1Password.

PassLocker 2

Today we’re bringing you a review of PassLocker, a simple and effective password manager made for home users. It could be purchased through Mac App Store for $4.99, and you can also download iOS version which costs $1.99 and syncs data using iCloud.

PassLocker hides as an icon in the menu bar. The first time you start it, you will need to set-up a 4 digit pin number, which will need to be entered each time you want to access your vault of passwords. And then you’ll see a floating iOS-looking window, which allows you to store new passwords.

Adding a new password is very easy and straightforward. You can automatically choose one of the preloaded websites, and there are about 15 of them at the moment. You can also enter your own URL, and then you’ll need to enter your credentials. Simply click “Save” and that’s all there is.

PassLocker comes with a search engine, so in case you’ve got a lot of passwords, you can easily search for the right one. It also features password assistant, which will generate a strong password for you. There isn’t much that you can fine-tune or change in this application, since it doesn’t have a dedicated preferences window. You can only turn on/off features like iCloud sync, auto launch, auto lock delay of 15sec, and similar.

Like you would expect from a reliable password manager, PassLocker offer automatic fill in of credentials once you visit a website you’re a member of. However, this feature currently works only with Safari.

PassLocker is a helpful little password manager, made not only to store sensitive information, but also to help you organize them and fill-in when required. It is far less powerful than 1Password, for example, but on the other hand it costs only $4.99 and does its basic job very well.


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