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PROS: Bluetooth connectivity. Appealing design. Quality made. Comfortable.

CONS: Low audio quality, during phone calls.

Philips SHB9100 scr1I always thought that having good headphones is essential for everyone who enjoys music and has a large music and video library on their iPhones and iPods. It seems that a lot of people share my opinion, since the industry of earphones and headphones is more and more competitive, and profits are now shown in millions of dollars. Just like in most cases, a good and quality product always seems to be not a small investment, and this is the case with headphones as well (earphones tend to be more affordable category). There are all kinds of types, shapes and sizes, and they also tend to have different acoustic qualities. This all reflects on their price, so you will need to spend some time to see if your investment is worth the money.

In this article we’ll show you a newest headphones made by Philips, which is a well-known and respectable company, but which is still trying to a grab a larger piece of market share, in this particular product category. This product are named SHB9100.

These headphones are trying to make a compromise between the price and features like connectivity, comfort and audio quality. These are Bluetooth headphones, which is a category still not fully exploited, and Philips made a right move by choosing it. What’s more interesting is that these also feature a cable which can be used to connect these headphones to a device, so you can use in case you ran out of battery power. Basically, these can be used as wireless and wired headphones as well.

Philips SHB9100 scr2

These are on-ear headphones, so in this category it is important how comfortable they feel. It seems that Philips took some time and dedication to bring something new to the market, so this product features something called “Floating Cushions”. This basically means that there’s a second cushion behind the main ear pad, so it gives extra support and makes cushions fit all the angles of your ear and head. In practice, this does work well. Grip is somewhat tight, and they fit comfortable right on my ears. I guess they would fit even better on smaller ears, so try them on before buying them to see how they fit.

It is also important to note that Philips SHB9100 feature passive noise isolation, which means that some level of outside noise won’t reach your ear. These are on-ear headphones, so they can never fully isolate your ears, without sacrificing comfort.

Philips SHB9100 scr3

Bluetooth connectivity means that there are no cables which hold volume controls, and these are located on the right earpiece. Simply press the right spot and you’ll control volume, or skip track. Combination of buttons and sliders for volume control is very intuitive.

Finally, a few words on acoustic quality. These are $130 headphones, so they aim to be more affordable than most in this category. This somewhat reflects audio quality, which is medium quality, to be fair. You surely won’t be disappointed, since sound is very clear and bass is medium strong. The bad side is very low quality during phone calls. Most users noticed this, and I was also somewhat disappointed with it.

For their price ($130), Philips SHB9100 offer expected audio quality. They are very comfortable and quality made. The only bad side, but an important one, is disappointing audio quality during phone calls.


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