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PROS: Very interesting idea. Quality made. Offers several helpful features. Could be used with non-standard wall sockets.

CONS: None.

PlugBug 2Twelve South is a company known for several popular Mac and iPhone accessories. We reviewed some of those right here on, and we were mostly satisfied with their design, and overall usability. All of these products offer some kind of innovative yet simple use, which is something that makes Twelve South stand out. In this article we’ll be reviewing another interesting accessory, called PlugBug.

PlugBug is made to replace or extend usability or Apple’s travel set of additional charger tips for an adapter. These are needed in order to connect your iDevice to a power outlet, which are built using several different standards around the world. If you plan on traveling abroad, you actually need to have a correct charger for your device which will fit into power socket properly, which is something Apple knows really well. You already know how a standard charger for iOS devices or Mac look like, so you know that you can take of their tips and simply install a new one. PlugBug is an accessory which actually allows you to use chargers wherever you are, and to save some space as well.

PlugBug can be used as a standalone charger for your iOS device, as well as any other device which charges through USB port, but this is not its main role. It is used in combination with Apple’s own charger for Mac notebooks in such way that you connect PlugBug and Apple’s charger. This way you get interestingly looking charger which now has two output ports so you can charge your computer and an iOS device at the same time. On the other hand, PlugBug also features removable tip that goes into wall socket, so you can easily replace it with the one which is standard for a country you’re traveling to.

PlugBug 1

It in order to continuously charge two devices at once, PlugBug features 2.1-Amp of power, which is just enough for this role. You can actually notice some improvements in charging speeds in case you’re only charging iPhone or iPad at the time.

We said earlier that this accessory also helps you de-clutter, and it’s obvious how this works since you now have one instead of two chargers. It features bright red color, which will made your charger stand out and be more noticeable in case you’re using it somewhere in public, in crowds of other cables.

PlugBug 3

In case you’re looking for Apple’s travel pack which adds some new abilities to a charger, Twelve South’s PlugBug could actually be a better choice. It costs $5 less ($34.99) than Apple’s travel kit, and it comes with some nice features and has ability to charge two devices simultaneously. It is quality made, just like the rest of Twelve South’s products, and works just fine with Apple’s own charger.

In case you use several Apple products (notebooks and iOS devices), and travel frequently, this little accessory could easily replace those bulky travel adapters you carry around.


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