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PROS: Nice design. Low power consumption.

CONS: Different performance with different application. Unreliable.

Pogo Connect 2Ever since I first started using iPad, I got accustomed to using a stylus. I find typing on an iPad using its built-in keyboard exhausting after a while, and since I also use note taking and drawing apps, I decided to go for a stylus. Since then, I am always in a search for a better solution, a more precise stylus and the one which is not as thick and heavy as the previous one. Sadly, I found only a few of those to completely match my needs. I still look forward to testing a new models, and these product seem to evolve very fast, so it’s very interesting to see what the next generation of styluses will bring.

Today we’re sharing with you a review of a stylus named Pogo Connect, made by Ten One Design. From the moment it was announced, I was very eager to take it for a test since its designers promised many extraordinary things.

When I first held it in my hand, it felt nice and light. This is very important for a stylus since it simple has to be a natural addition to your hand and fingers, in order to flow freely. It still isn’t as thin as a pencil, which would suit me perfectly. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 protocol and is powered by one AAA battery. What this means is that you can use it only with iPad 3 and 4, since previous generation don’t have Bluetooth 4.0. Still, you can use it with those in case you’ve got iPhone 4S or 5, where you’ll need to install a free Pogo Bridge app, so it’s actually doable. Support for iPad Mini is in the works, as well.

Bluetooth 4.0 means very low power consumption, and AAA battery will last for a very long time. According to One Ten Design, it will work for several months actually.

Pogo Connect 1

In order to pair with an iPad, you’ll need to click on a Connect button, located under you thumb while you’re hold Pogo Connect in your hand, in a writing position. Then, you’ll need to pair with an application you’re going to work in, not with your iPad in general. This means that with some application it will works almost out-of-the-box, but for some you’ll need to go into settings and try to pair these two. To me, this seems like a hassle, since most other styluses don’t work that way.

One of the things which interested me the most is how Pogo Connect performs, since its developers claim that it’s able to recognize hundreds levels of sensitivity. I tried using it with as many applications as I can, especially with Photoshop Touch, Paper, and iPhoto, which are the app I use the most. Sensitivity surely wasn’t as advertised, and I had a lot of trouble. I actually got really frustrated with it, since different pressures didn’t make any noticeable change. I thought that the problem must be in me and my iPad, so I did a lot of things to reset some settings. Problems persisted even after.

All in all, I find this stylus completely overpriced, since it costs $79.95. I had many troubles with it, as well as many users who got frustrated. You can use it as a typical stylus, but don’t expect to perform as advertised.


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