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PROS: Simplistic, easy to carry around. Easy to use. Plenty of additional battery power.

CONS: This product can be used with iOS devices up to iPhone 4S.

Power Tube 2The newest lineup of iOS products comes with high capacitive batteries, which is due to new hardware characteristics like bigger Retina display, which demands more power. I charge my iPhone on a daily basis, even though I tend not to overuse it throughout the day. Still, I like full brightness and lots of background services which all resulted in somewhat decreased battery life. Also, battery tends to age pretty quickly, so after a year you will notice that your phone demands frequent charges. I guess this is a situation in which most of us are, since we didn’t buy iPhones not to fully enjoy GPS and Maps, to play graphically demanding games, or stream music. I also use iPad (3rd generation), and just like with any aging device, battery life becomes shorter over time.

Luckily, there are several ways to prolong your iPhone’s battery life. As you can imagine, the simplest one is to have several USB cables so you can recharge your device at any time and at any place. However, there are some better solutions, and those are battery cases and external batteries. Battery cases are a good choice, and they can more than double the power you get, but most of them are bulky and heavy. External batteries were always my primary source of additional power, since it’s very easy to recharge them, and to carry them around. Once I find my iPhone is running out of power, I simple recharge it on the spot.

Power Tube 3

Mipow is not such familiar name, but some of you probably heard for Power Tube, which is a brand name of external batteries made for iOS devices. You can buy them in different capacities and colors as well, and in this article we’ll be telling you about Power Tube 4000.

As you can see from the pictures, Power Tube 4000 features standard cubic design. It comes in two pieces actually, where you take off one piece as a cap. Once you remove it, you’ll see that the bigger part features USB which needs to be plugged into your computer in order to charge it. Smaller part features two ports, and in order to charge your iPhone you’ll need to plug in it. You’ll also receive Micro USB cable, used to charge some other devices. You can even charge two iPhones simultaneously, which is a handy feature.

Power Tube 1

When you take off a top part, you’ll see a four-color LED light which is used to indicate how much additional power you’ve got. It will shine red if you’ve got less than 15%, orange – 15 to 40%, green – 40 to 70%, and blue means you’ve got more than 70%. In case blue light stops blinking, this means that your Power Tube is 100% full.

Power Tube 4000 comes with a battery of 4000mhA, and you can also purchase other models which feature smaller capacities. In order to get some comparison, you should know that iPhone 4S comes with a battery of 1420mhA.

Finally, it should be said that reviewed model features 30-pin connector, which means you won’t be able to use with iPhone 5 or the newest generation of iPad.


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