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  • Ronin, iPhone 5 Case
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PROS: Striking design. Luxurious materials. Finely crafted, with significant attention to details.

CONS: Takes some time and patience to assemble and dissemble. It will also take some time to get used to it. Very expensive.

Ronin 1Even though I do understand why they are so popular, I was never much of a fan of cases for my iPhone. Of course, there are many reasons why you should use one. iPhone is not a cheap investment, and you surely want to use it throughout the time of your contract with an operator. Cases are the way to protect your phone from a number of external damages, which is their main role. In order to stand out in a crown of cases, you now have an option to purchase some advanced cases which are part-wallet, or which feature additional battery for your phone.

In my opinion, most cases take care of your phone, but on expense of design and usability. iPhone is probably the best looking phone out there, especially iPhone 5 with its elegant lines and minimalistic features. It’s also unbelievably thin and light, so by putting on a bulky case around it, it will ruin Apple’s thoughtful design. But, there are also some cases which fulfill a task of unified design and usability very successfully, and one of the latest efforts came from ElementCase, which created Ronin.

Just by looking at it, it becomes clear that Ronin is a premium product. If you take a look at its price, you will see how premium it actually is. At $199.95, this is surely one of the most expensive cases on the market, so naturally I was very eager to see what this product offers.

Ronin 2

Ronin is case which comes in several parts that need to be put together around your iPhone 5 using a provided tool. Top and bottom parts are made of nickel plated aluminum, and feature finely crafted geometry. Top part covers iPhone’s on/off switch with its own button, while bottom part leaves uncovered Lightning port and speaker grill. Two other parts are made of exotic wood, Ziricote – to be precise. This material is also a synonym for luxury, and it feels really nice in hand since this is a part of every case which you grip the most. One of the sides comes with its own set of mute and volume buttons, which covers the existing ones. Back plate is made of genuine leather, but you’ll also receive a plush made cover. Packaging also includes front screen protector and even a carrying case.

Ronin 3

Since Ronin comes in several parts, it will take some time to assemble it. Some users complained about this procedure, and they didn’t like that you also need to take some time in order to dissemble it. On the other hand, this is the only way for a case to perfectly fit contours of your phone, so it seems that everything comes at a price. It is also important to note this it doesn’t add a lot to iPhone’s weight, but it does make your phone a bit wider, especially at rounded corners.

Ronin is a fine example of a luxury case for iPhone 5, with striking design and CNC machined materials. A combination of metal, wood, and leather is very interesting and surely sets this product apart. The only question is, how many people would pay $200 for an iPhone case.


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