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PROS: Very simple and intuitive. Can be used by someone who just started experimenting with time lapses. Efficient and fast.

CONS: Basic and limited functionality, but enough to create simple time lapses.

Sequence 1For me, time lapse photography has always been very fascinating and completely captivating. I am not much of a photographer myself, but I really enjoy browsing time lapses on, which appears to be the best place for all kinds of creative video projects. Since I got so interested, I wanted to try it for myself and contribute somehow to this special sub-type of photography art. Having a Mac, I have a wide range of creativity software which helped me create my first project, and I would like to share with you a piece of software which allows any newbie to step into photography world.

First of all, I should say a few things about how time lapse photography works. This is a technique using which frames are created from an array of photos, shot in an exact time intervals. This means that after you merge those photos together and flick through them at rapid speed, you’ll see something that resembles an actual animation, or a movie. Also, in order to create time lapses you will need a DSLR camera, a steady tripod which keeps it firmly in place, as well as intervalometer (those are devices which count specific time intervals, which is needed for time lapse). You will also need a remote for your camera. As you can see, you are going to need to invest some time and money in order to have all the needed equipment, which is something you simply have to have in order to start shooting time lapses. You can find a lot of information on this topic around the web, so feel free to explore.

Now, we are going to talk about an application which merges all those photos together and exports time lapse videos. There are several of them which are very popular, and we are going to talk about the one called Sequence. It is available in the Mac App Store for $14.99.

Sequence 2

Once you transfer all your photos to a Mac, and open up Sequence, you’ll simply need to drag and drop a folder of photos into start-up screen of this application. This will automatically import all the photos and you’ll see a new window from where you can directly play your new time lapse, at 25 frames per second.

Sequence 3

Time lapse photography seems simple at first, but there are many things you’ll need to learn first, and you’ll need a lot of practice. For example, flickering can be a problem, especially if you’ve used auto settings on your camera. This will produce images with different level of brightness, which causes flickering. Sequence had a Deflicker, which somewhat resolves this problem. However, don’t expect any other advanced features, since this is pretty much the only one.

Once you’ve finished with fine tuning, you can export a video. Sequence allows you to choose one of pre-built presents, and you can also make your own.

Overall, Sequence is great entry-level time lapse video maker. It brings only the basic features, but on the other hand, it only costs $14.99. In case you need some editing, you can always use iMovie to add text and audio. If you’re in need of a bit more professional time lapse maker, we recently reviewed iStopMotion 3 which costs $49.99.



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