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PROS: Amazing application which will become an essential on your Mac. Dozens of well-designed features.

CONS: None.

Alfred 2 1Long-time OS X users surely know about an application called Alfred, which comes with an ability to deeply integrate into your operating system, and you daily workflow as well. It has been around for quite some time, and gained very strong user base. In case you haven’t dealt with Alfred before, we’ll first explain more about this application, and after that we’ll review recently published Alfred 2.

Alfred started as an app launcher, and then it greatly expanded and became deeply integrated within OS X. It can help you open applications and files with just a few letters, for example. It is made to offer unobtrusive interface, and to let you get to an application without lifting your fingers off your keyboard. Over time it grew into a real productivity suite, and offered creating custom workflows which you could initialize only by typing a several letters while working in your OS X. These are its very basic features, which are the main reason why many people love Alfred. It is also completely free to download and use.

Alfred 2 4

Alfred 2 is a much needed overhaul of an application which become simply cluttered with features and interface elements. Developers constantly work on this app and periodically bring new features and fixes, so this application is actually an ever-changing project. Alfred 2 brought very nice refinements, which made its new interface very modern and highly functional.

Once you download and install Alfred 2, you will probably first go to its Preferences, which is its backbone and acts as a separate application in some ways. This is where you can fine-tune each of many Alfred’s settings, and believe me when I say that you will surely spend quite some time fine-tuning all of the options. Since we all use computer in a different manner, and we all have unique workflows, you will need to adjust Alfred according to you needs.


Alfred 2 2

Now, a few words on what Alfred 2 can do for you. First of all, it allows you to search for files and application only by typing a few letters with your keyboard. This same search engine can also search the web, and it can even narrow down the results if you type a name of a web-service like youtube, wiki, twitter, or any other. Most users will appreciate extensive workflow adjustments, where Alfred 2 can be used to set a combination of keys which will trigger some actions. You create your own workflows, and to get you started Alfred included some templates to show you a few examples. Amazing news is that you can easily download and install new workflows, which are created by community members, which could be found at Alfred’s official forum. So these workflows are actually unlimited and can be used with any application you might be using on your Mac.

Alfred 2 is a free application, but in order to unlock some advanced features you will need to purchase a license of $23 (called Powerpack). I recommend installing and using a basic version, and if this application becomes an important part of your workflow, and I am pretty sure it will, you can decide to pay and unlock some new features.



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