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PROS: User friendly interface. Very easy to use, and master. A few interesting features, which include automatic generation of CSS.

CONS: For someone with experience in this area, AppControls will be oversimplified. It also seems overpriced.

AppControls 1Mac App Store is filled with applications which are created with solely one purpose. This is a reaction to professional-grade software which is very powerful, but which is also very expensive and requires time to learn and master. Let’s, for example, take Photoshop. This is a well-known photo editor, which comes with numerous high-end capabilities, and is used by professionals who are properly trained. It would be unreasonable for you, as an average home user, to buy this application in case you simply need to edit your digital photo library. That’s why Mac App Store offers plenty of simple photo editors which are focusing only on one feature like cropping, adding borders, creating black and white effect, or currently popular tilt-shift effect. Most importantly, they usually costs only a few dollars. Many applications like these are always in the top 10 of bestselling apps, so I assume that it a very wise business decision as well.

Today we are going to talk about an application named AppControls, which could be purchased through Mac App Store for $14.99. It comes from Blue Crowbar, which specializes in simple photo editors.

AppControls is used to create custom controls for iOS and Mac apps, and those can be sliders and buttons. Since it costs $14.99, I wanted to see what kind of features it brings, since you can surely find a similar application for a much lower price.

AppControls 2

Once you open AppControls, you’ll see a fairly familiar and clutter-free interface. Of course, it would be familiar if you’ve worked before in photo editors, or Photoshop for example. There’s a top bar which allows you to export an image, or to save a preset. It also allows you show presents, which could speed up creation from scratch, and could be useful to uniform design in larger projects. In the top right corner you’ll “Show CSS” button, and actually AppControls will generate CSS for use in an external or an inline style elements. It can even create specific CSS for WebKit and Mozilla, which is good news for web designers and developers.

AppControls 3

There aren’t that many tools you can use, but on the other hand, this depends on your skill and creativity, since you can do very nice effects with a few tools. For example, you can create different shapes with a great precision, and you will have unlimited choice of colors. Then, you can add borders, drop inner and outer shadows, all with fine precision. Of course, you can add and edit text.

Basically, AppControls brings all of the essential tools in order to create a standard looking button. It also brings some fine precision, which makes work a lot easier. Still, I do believe that $14.99 is overpriced, since you can find a better deal right there on the Mac App Store.



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