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PROS: Classical design with a modern twist. Impressive audio technology, which produces amazingly enjoyable sound. Very easy to set-up.

CONS: Remote doesn’t fit with A7 in terms of design, and feels kind of borrowed from some less expensive audio system.

A7 3Bowers & Wilkins audio systems are known for their high price, beautiful design, and impressive audio technology. Even though you can find some really nice wireless speakers in a range of $100 to $200, a quality AirPlay system will usually costs more. As it usually goes, the more you’re willing to pay, the more impressive sound quality is going to be. With Bowers & Wilkins this is also the case.

During the last months, we reviewed a couple of Bower and Wilkins speakers, and these articles are still available for reading. In those cases, rating were very good, since after all these are premium products, with some luxurious features in design and hardware. Today we are excited to bring you a review of A7 speaker.

A7 2

A7 is a nicely designed AirPlay speaker, which combines classic design with modern shapes and lines. It’s cubic in shape, but with rounded edges, and features striking aluminum wraparound which holds many functions within. There are some brushed chrome on the top, while sides are covered with black cloth. As B&W stated, the enclose is made of glass-filled ABS. As you can see, these are all thoughtfully used materials, which all needed to justify its price of $800. You will also receive an odd looking remote, which I do like, but for this price I would expect some kind of more exotic and unique design.

Aluminum wraparound line is not just an aesthetic feature, since it holds many functions. On the side, you will find a power button, while on the opposite side there are two volume buttons. Besides these, power jack could be found in the bottom rear end, along with a standard auxiliary input, USB port, an Ethernet jack, and a Reset Button.

A7 1

On the front side there’s LED light which shines in many different colors, and each of those colors signify some function. Dim red will show when A7 is asleep, while bright red will shine when it’s on. Purple is for AirPlay, green is for USB, and orange is for auxiliary input use.

In order to connect A7 speakers with your iOS device or a Mac, you can use B&W made applications, which could be found in iTunes. These apps really streamline and simplify this process, and you will be up and running in no time. There’s also old-fashion Ethernet connectivity, if you want to connect to A7 via its IP address through a browser.

As we said earlier, A7 speaker uses Apple’s AirPlay technology in order to stream music. By combining it with its impressive internals, this created amazingly beautiful sound. A7 uses a pair of Nautilus tube aluminum tweeters, a pair of 3-inch midrange drivers, and a 6-inch Kevlar-reinforced subwoofer with 50W amplifier. All combined, this creates very rich sound, which is easily distinguishable from less expensive speakers. Sound is very clear, and can be very loud, while bass is more than noticeable but it doesn’t affect clarity of sound.


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