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PROS: Easy to use. Helpful. User friendly interface.

CONS: Sometimes Broom shows system-related folders, which must not be deleted. This could be a problem for an unexperienced OS X user.

Broom 2There are dozens of utility applications available in the Mac App Store, which all promise to clean up junk files and improve the performance of your computer. Some of these apps are fairly simple and free, while there are also complex applications which maintain your computer and resolve certain software problems, but they come with their price. Actually, free and low-cost applications are much successful in terms of popularity in Apple’s online store, and competition between these apps is really rough. Onyx is probably one of the best known maintenance apps for OS X, and it is one of the most capable. Plus, it comes for free. There’s always room for improvement and enhancement, so new applications can still grab some marketshare.

Today we are bringing you a review of Broom ($2.99), which is an application used to clean up your hard drive and easily regain some free space. Applications like this one are very helpful in case you’ve got an Apple notebook with flash storage which comes in sizes from 64GB, and 128GB, up to 256GB. Since you can now easily find laptops with storage spaces from 500GB up to 1TB, and since more and more professional applications come in large sizes, this space can fill up pretty fast. Especially, if you like keeping your digital library of photos, music, and movies, which will quickly eat up precious space. This is why an application like Broom can help you.

Broom 1

What’s interesting about this application is that you can run it in two modes: as a standalone application, or as a menu bar app. Continue reading, and we’ll explain both modes.

Once you start Broom in standalone mode, which is its default mode, you’ll see its main interface. This application is made to search and remove junk files, and there are several ways to do so. In the top left screen you’ll see three buttons: Places, Folders, and Files. Places is a tab which will make Broom automatically search and remove cache files, logs, trash, and clean up downloads folders. Each of these categories is briefly explained, so you can know what kind of data you’re going to remove.

Broom 3

Folder and Files is a way for Broom to list your folders and files according to their sizes. As you can see from the screenshots, you can automatically browse files whose sizes are in range of 10MB up to 100MB, 100MB up to 1GB, 1GB up to 10GB, and larger than 10GB. This way you can easily see what kind of files are taking the most space on your disks, and if you click on any of them, Broom will open Finder and let you erase the browse them.

In case you start Broom in menu bar mode, it will actively track how much free space there’s left on hard drive, and warn you in case disk gets full. It also gives you quick access button to Broom, and that’s all to it.

Broom is a helpful little application which cleans up junk files and sorts files according to their size, so you can review them. In all fairness, there are a lot of applications which are doing that same thing, and some are even free. It seems that it all comes down to what kind of interface you prefer, and those small features which are unique to each of those apps.



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